Learn 10 advanced kettlebell exercises for your next gym session.
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10 Advanced Kettlebell Exercises

Have you mastered the basics of kettlebells?

And you're ready for some new challenges?

I've got you covered with today's postExternal Link Icon.

The perk of kettlebells is that there are limitless possibilities.

Just when you think you have it all down, you’ll see someone doing a kettlebellInternal Site Link Icon flow together that makes you think...

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“Holy crap, that looks fun! And tough! And new!"

And today, I'm going to show you a select sampling of more advanced kettlebell exercises. With some practice you'll get your imagination flowing.

Plus once you’ve mastered exercises like this... you'll be ready for Double Trouble.

Want Double The Fun?

Double Trouble is one of my advanced programs. It's a double kettlebell program... it's hardcore... like really hardcore. But it's a ton of fun too. If you want to stretch yourself... this is the program for you.

That's why it's advanced only!

Let's look at 10 advanced kettlebell exercises.

Some you may know, some you may not.

Either way, I hope you’re inspired to increase the intensity of your training.

10 Advanced Kettlebell Exercises

1 – Snatches

The snatch is the first advanced kettlebell exercise you'll learn. That's why I'm including it in this list.

It's also one of the most brutal... cardio and strength based kettlebell exercises. I love these things!

Your Wrists and Forearms

Two things. Make sure you keep your wrists stright at the top and push your kettlebell up. Don't let it weigh you down.

Second, the power of this move is coming from your hamstrings and butt. So use them and let the force propell the kettlebell up.

As you learn to snatch the kettlebell, it's commong for it to flop over at the top and slap your arm.

It's going to take practice to get the hang of it... so hand tight and keep practicing.

But keep this in mind too...

Don't let the kettlebell move on it's own. You take control of it. So when it's floating up because of your hip power... forcfully push your hand around the kettlebell rather than letting it flop on your arm.

2 - Lunge Snatch

Let's take the snatch up a notch of two.

For this version you'll do a floor snatch... meaning you'll pull the kettlebell hard from the ground with your arms and legs so you can snatch it overhead. No swinging motion.

Lunge backward so the kettlebell is even with your forward foot.

Drive hard through your forward foot (keep your core tight) and pull on the kettlebell hard.

Point Your Thumb Back

Position your hand on the kettlebell so your thumb is pointing back at you. This will help so you can properly rotate your arm around the kettlebell to gently let it rest on your forearm.

As the kettlebell is floating up... take control of the bell... and get it overhead.

This is a tough move and you'll need to practice. I also suggest you go down in weight because you won't be using the power of your hips in this exercsie as much.

3 - Double Kettlebell Snatches

What!?! Making the snatch even tougher? Let's do it.

The double kettlebell snatch is actually not as tough as it looks. The key is to not let it intimidate you. You have to attack it with confidence.

Go down in weight.

Stand a little wider with your stance.

And then just do a snatch like normal... but with two kettlebells instead of one.

Brace HARD!!!

When you get the top of the snatch, brace hard... squeeze the kettlebell handles... push hard through your shoulders... and keep your core tight. This will make sure you don't lose control.

Double snatches are brutal in what they can take out of you. Practice and get this move down!

4 - Overhead Prisoner Squats

We have two kettlebells overhead from our double snatches... what could we do from here?

Some prisoner squats of course!

Notice how you can transition directly from double snatches to double overhead prisoner squats without missing a beat.

For a quick refresher...

A prisoner squat will have you step back on to the ground so you're on both knees. Then you'll step back up.

But when you add in the two overhead kettlebells... you're introducing a focus on balance and proper core bracing.

Don't rush this exercise. If you go too fast, you'll lose balance and put yourself in a tough spot with two kettlebells over your head.

Step It Back!

When you are moving to the ground, step back. I'll say it again... STEP BACK. Don't crinkle down to the ground. Take a healthy step back so when one knee hits the ground, you're in a balance position.

5 - Bottoms Up Press

Let's keep the theme of a kettlebell over our head going.

The bottoms up press is hardcore. It doesn't look hardcore... but it's hardcore!

What I love about any exercise you do with the kettlebell bottoms up is this...

Control and bracing.

Right from the start, you will have to squeeze the kettlebell handle hard to keep it balanced. This squeezing will fully engage your arm and shoulder the "correct" way for any style press.

It's awsome and you'll feel it immediately.

6 – Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

This is probably one of the most famous kettlebell exercises... ever.

Everybody wants to do it. So here are some tips.

A few tips:

  1. ALWAYS... ALWAYS... ALWAYS... watch the kettlebell. This will help you stay balanced. If you take your eyes off the kettlebell, you'll lose control and probably dislocate your shoulder. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  2. Practice the positions first without a kettlebell. Make a first and balance a shoe or book or glass of water on your first. See if you can get up and back down without dropping or spilling a drop.
  3. You can move around. There will be times during this exercise where you'll feel jammed or scrunched up. It's okay to stay in that position and move your arms or legs around to create space and better balance.
  4. Go slow. This isn't an exercise where speed is helpful. It's about muscle control and endurance strength. Go slow... get into better postions and what? WATCH THE KETTLEBELL.

Pause for 10 seconds!

If you know how to do the get up, try this. Pause at each position of the get up for 10 seconds. It's going to be very difficult but it will also build some serious shoulder strength.

Here is the leg sweep you need to do when you first get to your knee.

7 - Sling Shots

This is a fun and fast move that get's advanced when you use a heavier kettlebell.

First, the kettlebell always goes through your legs from front to back. NOT back to front.

You make the kettlebell pass between your legs as the kettlebell is going front to back.

Hinge and Squat then Pop!

You have to bend over to make this pass between your legs. But don't bend over... it's more of a hip hinge and squat down. Keep your spine straight.

Also make sure you pay attention to how the kettlebell passes through your legs. If you try to cut corners you can end up slamming your knee with the kettlebell. I'm talking from experience.

8 - Double Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is one of the most powerful exercises. So double that power with two kettlebells.

This is just a kettlebell swing. Nothing changes except you will stand a little wider to create more room for two kettlebells.

And I suggest you also point your thumbs forward the entire time.


The point of two kettlebells is obviously to go HEAVY. So as you get the feel of this down... start ramping up your kettlebell weight.

Try this as well... use two different kettlebell weights. This will test your balance and help you coordinate your power. Play!

9 - Lateral Swings

I bet you haven't tried this one before. I can't remember where I learned it... but it's a good one.

This swing is more of a squat, but as you come up... still get a hard hip drive because it will help you swing the kettlebell with more power.

When the kettlebell is close to the ground, you'll feel a pull like it's in a sling shot.

Use that to come flying up out of the squat and move your arm stright out to the side. Brace yourself hard at the top, just like a normal swing.

As the kettlebell comes back down, make sure you get your legs out of the way so you don't slam them with the kettlebell.

This is a great move and you'll need some pracitce for sure. Start light and play around with it.

10 - Windmill

This is a great exercise and I don't do it enough.

Just like the getup, you need to watch the kettlebell as you hinge over your leg. If you take your eyes off the kettlebell, you'll lose balance and bad things can happen.

Watch the kettlebell.

The windmill takes some serious core strength... espeically in your obliques. But this is one reason why it's so awesome.

To start the move, pop your hip out and then ride your leg down as you hinge your hips and balance the kettlebell over your body.

Point feet in same direction!

Point your feet in the direction you'll be hinging. This will help positoin you hips better for the hinge and help you get a slight rotation to free up your shoulder. You'll feell this rotation as you practice this move.

Experiment and Play With These Advanced Kettlebell Exercises

Take some time during your next few workouts and play with these exercises.

Start off with lighter kettlebells so you can practice the positions and make sure you have them down correctly.

As you gain confidence, start going up in weight, espeically for:

    • The double swing
    • Get up
    • Windmill

And as always listen to your body as you're doing these. Don't push too far and put yourself in a bad spot.

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