Learn Everything You Get As a FWW Habit Member and Product Owner

1. 30 Day Programs For All Fitness Levels

End the confusion of not knowing what to do.

Every workout is part of a distinct plan so you know:

  • What workout to do...
  • When to do it...
  • How many rounds...
  • Even when to take a rest day...

Have confidence you're taking the right daily steps to burn fat... get strong... and see results!

2. Hundreds of Unique Workouts

You don't have to repeat the same boring... generic workouts anymore.

Every program has 20 to 34 unique workouts.

Every workout is a difference design to keep your body burning fat.

There are hundreds of workouts published and more coming on a regular basis.

You'll never do the same workout twice... unless it's part of the plan đŸ˜‰

Micro because one round lasts between 10 and 13 minutes:

Intense because you'll sweat... breath hard... and burn your muscles out.

Our MicroHIT style lets you get in a hardcore workout to fit the time you have. That's how you build consistency!

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Kindal doing a push and working hard to get lots of reps straight.

3. Coaching Programs To Improve Faster

Kiss plateaus and disappointment goodbye.

Use coaching programs to:

  • Learn how to exercise correctly and get faster results.
  • Learn kettlebell training and take your workouts to the next level.
  • Learn mobility routines to help you move better and end nagging joint pain.

4. Tracking That Makes a Difference

Fit Number:

Program Progress Loader


MAX Pushups:


MAX Heavy Squats:


Last Workout:

Weight Used:

35lb KB

Circuit Time:


Heart rate can be helpful... but do you know what really makes a difference?

  • Energy level
  • Mood
  • Reps completed
  • Weight used
  • Rounds completed

These are the numbers you have control over... numbers that make a difference.

Improve these numbers and your body will transform.

5. An Active Community

Fitness isn't a solo activity.

It takes a fit family and we're building the closest... most tight knit community.

  • Do programs with other members.
  • Setup weekly checkins.
  • Join in our challenges and special events.

As a member you're part of our Fit Family... not just another number in a database.

FWW Habit app screen

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This app is going to different from anything you've tried before.

Dan is a developer... so it's not only designed by two trainers... it's built by a trainer.

And we designed it with realistic goals for busy women.

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