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Kindal doing squats while filming a live workout

Daily LIVE Workouts & Community!

44 New Classes Every Month

  • 2 LIVE classes every weekday in our private Facebook Group
  • Every workout is different and custom designed
  • 5 different class styles every day of the week
  • One stretching class every Sunday
Kindal Doing a Donkey Kick During a Live Workout

Build YOUR Class Schedule

  • Workout LIVE or replay a class when it fits YOUR schedule
  • This is an online studio built to fit your lifestyle and routines
  • We keep 30 days of past classes in the group at all times
  • No other option out there offers more fresh workouts.

Burn Fat, Build Strength, Get Results

  • We count reps out loud to push you hard
  • We coach you so you know what to do if you fall behind
  • We teach you correct form and modifications
  • You are not alone in this journey
Dan Doing Hip Extensions During a Live Workout

Our Community Rocks

  • Our members active, vibrant, and supportive
  • Meet women like you and form workout buddy groups
  • We host challenges and events to bring the group together
  • This is a private fitness studio... online for you

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