About FWW LIVE - My Fitness Studio in Your Living Room

Online fitness... even studios and gyms where you live have ignored coaching and support for too long.

Very few trainers (even studios) are teaching:

  • How to exercise correctly...
  • How to move better...
  • How to fix joint issues...
  • And how to learn new styles of training.

You're left alone to figure things out by yourself...

And being alone is not how living a fitness lifestyle should be.

Fit Women's Weekly LIVE Program

So WeReinventedAt Home Fitness

  • We put coaching first...
  • Put a cap on membership...
  • And built intense, trainer led, workouts to bring women together.

FWW LIVE is the first at-home fitness studio with a HUGE weekly LIVE class schedule... where you can talk to your trainer... and they'll answer you back... personally.

3 Major ReasonsWe're Different?

1. Access To Your Trainers

Kindal, my low back is really tight andsore when I squat. Am I doingsomething wrong? What can I do?Go bodyweight for now. I willshow you a mobility exercise tohelp at the end of the workout.Awesome. Thank you so much!

End the loneliness you get with nearly all other apps and programs.

  • When you have a question...
  • Need to be pumped up...
  • Need a modification...
  • Need a mobility drill for an aching joint...

Ask us and we'll make sure you get a direct... personalize answer.

2. Actual Coaching Classes

Unless you pay for high end one-on-one coaching... nobody helps you learn new skills anymore. This changes right now!

Crush your results plateau with our 30 minute coaching class where we cover skills and topics like:

  • Exercise breakdowns to master form and movement patterns.
  • Practice exercises to improve strength and technique.
  • Drills to work on small things like grip strength and balance.
  • Mobility sessions to continually correct joint pain... flexibility... and range of motion.

This is a brand new style of class to transform your body so you never fall into a plateau again.

3. Trainer Led Workouts

Ditch the boring... generic... copy cat workouts... and video "demonstrations" all other apps and programs give you.

We have an awesome schedule of 16 LIVE classes every week:

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Don't Think About Fitness


We've been designing workouts in our studio for over a decade and continue to design new workouts everyday.

We lead every workout... pushing hard... counting reps out loud...

Our members love seeing us struggle... grunt... and sweat like crazy with them.

It brings us together making each workout a lot more fun.

Plus There's More!

  • Yearly transformation challenges
  • Special weekend clinics like the Kettlebell Clinic and Trigger Ball Mobility Clinics
  • Saturday stretch classes
  • Weekly LIVE coaching calls
  • An app to help track workouts (coming soon!)
  • Plus so much more!

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We built FWW LIVE to be the best at home workout solution.

We strive to make it better than the studio or gym down the street.

Try FWW LIVE for 14 days and see if we're on the right track... I'd love to hear what you think.

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