Live Workouts Every Weekday - Fit Women's Weekly LIVE
Kindal doing squats while filming a live workout

Daily LIVE Workouts & Community!

Here's What You Get:

  • Two LIVE workouts every weekday (schedule below)
  • 44 total workouts every month
  • 6 different styles of workouts every week.
  • One in-depth stretching routine every weekend
  • Workout with us LIVE or replay later at your convenience.
  • We count reps out loud so you know what's happening without seeing the screen.
  • One membership for all workouts.
  • Ask questions live and get answers to help you succeed.
  • We’ll coach you so you know how to get the most from each workout.
  • Meet other members and form workout buddy groups.
  • You no longer have to fight traffic to get your workouts done.
  • Perfect if you want to change things up and you already have a fitness routine
  • Perfect while we finish up our app
  • Flexible membership to fit your schedule and lifestyle.
  • Cancel when you want if you’re month to month

LIVE Schedule

Here's our LIVE schedule as of right now.

We keep 30 days of workouts in the group at all times so you can always do a workout when it suits your schedule best.

Try FWW LIVE for Only $9

Get a three day trial for only $9... that's 6 full workouts!

While we finish up our app... you have to purchase FWW LIVE through our studio membership software called ZenPlanner.

After you sign up you’ll have an account you can manage from your phone.

If you have specific questions, enter your email address below and I’ll personally email you to chat.

Sign up for trial or create a full account below. You'll go to ZenPlanner to finish off the purchase process.

Once you’re done, I will immediately email you to add you to the group.




One Time

  • 3 day trial
  • Get a feel for our workouts
  • Know it's right for you!

Fit Guarantee

The 3 day trial lets you see some different workouts and experience my style vs. Dan's style.

By the end you'll know if this group is right for you.





  • 44 LIVE workouts per month
  • Replay them at will
  • Cancel when you want

Fit Guarantee

We treat this just like our studio memberships so there are no guarantees. But you will get top of the line customer service!

If you have any issues, please contact our Help Desk.

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