FWW Live Personalize Workout Coaching Membership

The ONLY... At Home...

Workout Solution

Where You Talk To Your Trainer...

And They Talk Back!

So We


At Home Fitness

We put a cap on membership to put coaching... training... and community first.

FWW LIVE is the first at-home fitness studio with a HUGE weekly LIVE class schedule where you can talk to your trainer... and they will answer you back... personally!

Helping You

Get and Stay


Losing weight... getting fit... and strong... it's HARD!

You're going to have questions along the way... lots of 'em:

  • Need an exercise modification or progression?
  • Have a tight low back that's causing you pain?
  • Not losing weight like you think you should?
  • Lacking motivation?

These issues pop up all the time.

Now you can get answers... from me and Dan!

Kindal and Dan the trainers behind this site and program.

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Number 1:

Talk In Real Time To

Your Trainers!

For real... talk to us.

  • During a LIVE workout... talk to us in real time...
  • During a LIVE coaching session... ask questions that matter to you...
  • Need to stretch your hip at 2:00pm on a Thursday? ... ask in our private Facebook Group and get an answer.

End the loneliness... the frustration... and confusion that comes with most online training solutions.

Number 2:

One on One Training

In Your Home!

This is a brand new workout class... (not even your gym down the road does this!)

A daily 30 minute coaching session dedicated to helping you improve fast.

  • Learn new exercises...
  • Master correct form and movement patterns...
  • Focus on mobility to help with joint pain and tightness...
  • Ask personal questions and make requests...

It's as if I'm next to you... giving you a custom one-on-one training session in your living room!

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Number 3:

A Tight... Close Knit


We can pull this off because we keep membership small... unlike all other options out there.

  • You'll get to know and build friendships with other members...
  • Workout together... not alone...
  • Help keep each other motivated and accountable...

We have members from all over the world and yet... membership is currently capped at 300.

Only The Beginning:

There's So Much


  • 3 LIVE workouts every weekday... Click the button at the bottom to open our class schedule.
  • Every workout is recorded so you can replay the workout when it fits your schedule
  • Workouts are streamed in our private Facebook Group so you can watch on any device or TV
  • Training plans to help you plan your week and month
  • Access to member only events... challenges... and weekly coaching calls
  • Plus so much more!

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Come see for yourself. No credit card required... no obligation to join after your trial.

I want you to see what we're building... so you know FWW LIVE exists.

Compare it to what you're doing now... just take a peak.

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