Plan Smart Eat Real - Learn to Eat Real Foods To Burn Fat

Total Recipes



14 Sessions


8 Weeks

Start Small

Learn to eat healthy at a simple level using real foods.

And understand the pressures in your life that affect your food decisions.

  • No extremes...
  • No deprivation...
  • No crazy list of rules...

This is

My 8 week guided meal plan and food education program to help you build a solid food foundation.

A vegetarian lentil burger with crispy lettuce and avocado

Let's Talk Food

You get a lot of recipes... but you won't be overwhelmed.

  • 8 distinct weekly meal planning sessions…
  • 11 brand new recipes per week…
  • 3 breakfast recipes…
  • 3 lunch recipes…
  • 5 dinner recipes…
  • 2 snacks and dessert recipes…
  • Use similar - and normal - ingredients for every recipe.
  • Prepare every recipe in 30 minutes or less.

Have a Taste...


A fresh tasting bowl of zoodle pasta with walnuts and fresh chopped basil dressing

Zoodle Salad

This crunchy, cold, zoodle salad recipe is perfect to make in bulk for the week. It's instant to prepare so you can relax, enjoy the flavor and energize your afternoon.


Four chocolate dusted cinnamon donut holes next to a cup of coffee

Cinnamon Donut Holes

Zero sugar and extremely chocolate flavor. You will not have to deprive yourself of desserts. I give you lots of healthy options so you can fight off temptation.


A slice of creamy chicken pot pie

Chicken Pot Pie

This is a client favorite. Imagine your Grandma's chicken pot pie... only healthy... and more delicious. Your whole family will love this one.


Three stacked jars of broccoli salad marinating in a vinaigrette dressing

Broccoli Salad in a Jar

This tangy, crunchy, and healthy salad in a jar is the perfect lunch. It's quick to make, faster to prepare, and you'll love the flavor.


A stack of gluten free cinnamon vanilla pancakes with sugar free whip on top

Cinnamon Vanilla Pancakes

Yes! Pancakes! Sugar free... with a fluffy secret ingredient that also helps energize your morning. You can eat breakfast and burn fat!


A bowl of chicken teriyaki something with chicken and a tangy sauce of some type

Oriental Something

Who doesn't love chicken teriyaki? You and your family will love this version because it's healthy and it's on the table in less than 20 minutes!


A mason jar filled with a fresh tasting lemon zest shake

Lemon Zest Shake

Shakes for breakfast are FAST and delicious. This is a perfect energizer and packed with healthy ingredients for the right start to your morning.

I’ve done 90% of the planning for you!

You won’t get frazzled with having too many decisions. You'll know exactly what to do and you'll succeed!

More Than Food, it's Emotions

Meal planning is great... BUT... you have to learn and understand why you choose the foods you do.

That’s why coaching is a big part of this program.

Currently there are 9 coaching videos (with more coming) covering topics like:

  • How to deal with a spouse and kids who don’t want to eat healthy with you.
  • How to handle guilt for taking personal time to prepare your own meals.
  • What’s your nutrition personality? And how to leverage it for success.
  • How to quickly (and easily) weight and measure food the right way.
  • How meal planning can be customized to fit your lifestyle.
  • Dealing with social situations, peer pressure, and judgement.
  • Plus more!

Guess What? We Got You

Building these habits can’t be done alone.

There’s too much judgement… pressure… and temptation surrounding you.

That why we have the private Facebook Group... because we got you:

  • Have girl talk with other members
  • Ask for help
  • Share success stories
  • Become a mentor to somebody else

This is a vibrant… active group you get access to for life!

Quick Recap

Here's everything you're getting:

  • 105 total recipes broken up into a detailed 8 week plan
  • Interactive shopping lists
  • Detailed recipe instructions
  • Detailed pictures of every recipe
  • Favorite recipes to build your personal menu
  • Coaching videos
  • And the private Facebook Group

Get On The Early Bird List

  • Be notified first when the beta program opens.
  • Have a vote in app features and design.
  • Plus get real fitness and nutrition help.

The Decision is Yours

Deciding to buy can be tough, especially when it’s something that requires you to take consistent action.

You might be wondering…

Is now the right time? Should I wait?

Can I do this now? My life is hectic enough already?

You have to make the decision, but think about it like this…

The next 8 weeks are going to pass regardless of what you decide.

At the end of 8 weeks, three things can happen:

  1. You will be exactly where you are right now…
  2. You could be worse off, but I doubt that’ll happen…
  3. Or you can be 11 to 18 pounds lighter with solid food foundation…

It’s not always going to be easy. But it never will be.

These next 8 weeks will pass… what will you do with them?

Still On The Fence?