Fit Women's Weekly Fitness and Weight Loss Transformations

A Taste of Some Transformations

Here are some transformations from both our studio members and online members.

You’ll notice these are not doctored or professionally done. These are real pictures from these women’s lives.

They accomplished these goals because of four things:

  1. They exercises consistently.
  2. They pushed their intensity 90% of the time.
  3. They ate healthy most of the time.
  4. And they didn’t go it alone.

We’ll be adding more and hopefully one day your picture will be here too.

Kim transformation
Jen transformation
Tricia transformation
Kelsey transformation
Brittany transformation
Beth transformation
Michelle transformation
Courtney transformation
Brenda transformation
Julie transformation
Erin transformation
Jess transformation
Julie transformation
Tracey transformation
Erica transformation
Molly transformation
Donna transformation

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Kindal doing squats during a live workout