Body Burn Focus - Metabolic Strength Training for Women
Kindal squating with a kettlebell for the Body Burn Challenges Focus program

Fit Level




4 to 6 Weeks

What You Get:

  • 32 bodyweight (or add in a weight) workouts to burn fat and make you strong.
  • Workout coaching so you understand every workout and how it flows.
  • Exercise coaching so you understand every exercise and how to do it correctly.
  • A detailed workout breakdown so you can exercise at your own pace.
  • Workout video streaming to workout with me for the ultimate challenge.
  • A busy woman's training plan for when life is crazy and you still want to get your workouts done.
  • A recommended training plan for those who want to accelerate their results.
  • Automated training plan tracking to help keep you engaged and accountable.
  • In app workout tracking so it's easy to save and see your progress.
  • Use your phone, iPad, laptop, stream to your TV... get your workouts done anywhere you want.
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook Group for support and further member only coaching.

The Big Idea:

Every workout in Fit Women's Weekly has an arm, leg, core, or total body focus.

In Focus each workout during the week will - FOCUS - on the same body part with the goal of stressing the muscles and building endurance strength.

Program Duration:

It will take you 6 to 8 weeks to complete the Focus program without overwhelming your schedule or asking the impossible of you.

Equipment Needed:

This program can be done using nothing but your body. But if you have dumbbells or kettlebells, I'll show you how to add those in for a tougher challenge.

Why Join FWW?

There are 3 reasons why choosing FWW is the right decision. Each is part of our mission:

Get On The Early Bird List

  • Be notified first when the beta program opens.
  • Have a vote in app features and design.
  • Plus get real fitness and nutrition help.

Still On The Fence:

Like working out... if you say, "I'll do it later" ... it get's pushed off to who knows when.

Life is busy... it get's in the way. That's why we specialize in workouts for busy women.

If getting fit... strong... and looking great is a priority to you... join now.

Here are answers to common concerns: