Double Trouble - Advanced Double Kettlebell Training
Kindal doing a very difficult double kettlebell scorpion ab exercise

Fit Level




4 to 6 Weeks

What You Get:

  • 20 insane, hardcore double kettlebell workouts for a crazy challenge.
  • Workout coaching so you understand every workout and how it flows.
  • Exercise coaching so you can see and understand every exercise used.
  • Detailed workout breakdown so you can do them on your own and practice.
  • Streaming workout videos so you can workout with me for this crazy program.
  • A busy woman's training plan for when it's tough to fit your workouts into your week.
  • A premium training plan for those who want to accelerate their results.
  • Automated training plan tracking to help keep you engaged and accountable.
  • In app workout tracking so you can see yourself improving week to week.
  • Use on every device so you can take your workouts anywhere you want.
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook Group for support and further member only coaching.

The Big Idea:

I wanted to build an advanced program for more advanced women. I LOVE kettlebells so doing a double kettlebell program was the perfect challenge for me.

This is a program that will stretch you. But it's also a lot of fun and you will finish being stronger than ever.


It will take you 4 to 6 weeks to complete Double Trouble.

There are a lot of things to play with and practice in this program. So take your time and have fun with it.

Equipment Needed:

You will need two kettlebells of the same size.

I highly suggest you have...

  • Two 26 lb kettlebells and...
  • If possible, two 18 lb kettlebells too.

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