Fit Women's Weekly Monthly - Get It All (Except LIVE)
Kindal snatching a dumbbell over her head.

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What You Get::

  • Over 187 unique workouts (and counting) so you always have a challenge waiting.
  • Currently 7 workout programs (an 8th launching in weeks called Amped) with most lasting 30 to 40 days.
  • 4 to 5 new programs added to the app per year.
  • Track your workout stats so you can see yourself getting better.
  • Record your workout mood and energy levels to discover trends about when you workout the best.
  • Purchase a physical tracking book for each program if you want.
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook Group for coaching... questions... accountability and more.
  • Fun challenges throughout the year with prizes, leaderboards, and Fit Quickies.
  • Fitness test workouts so you can see where you are physically.
  • Build your Fitness Number and work on improving it.
  • Plus more as we get to build our dream fitness community!

The Big Idea::

We want to build a tight knit fitness community for women. A place where women can learn to strength train and more importantly build a workout habit that lasts a lifetime.

We focus on helping you be consistent with your workouts... go hardcore when you do workout... and to make sure you're not alone in this journey.


You can stay a member as long as you want. I see this as a place where you come and go... join for the year.

Fit Women's Weekly Monthly will always be available when you need a workout, coaching, inspiration, and results!


Everything from your bodyweight to crazy things like steel maces... sandbags... kettlebells... and more.

There will always be workout programs in Fit Women's Weekly that fits what you have at home or the gym.

Why Join FWW?

There are 3 reasons why choosing FWW is the right decision. Each is part of our mission:

Get On The Early Bird List

  • Be notified first when the beta program opens.
  • Have a vote in app features and design.
  • Plus get real fitness and nutrition help.

Still On The Fence:

Like working out... if you say, "I'll do it later" ... it get's pushed off to who knows when.

Life is busy... it get's in the way. That's why we specialize in workouts for busy women.

If getting fit... strong... and looking great is a priority to you... join now.

Here are answers to common concerns: