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Podcast Ep. 347: Becks Story Of Coaching By Day & Eating Cookies By Night

Social media gets a bad wrap, a lot. And for good reason. But truth be told, I'm thankful for it.

I started blogging almost 10 years ago. OG's might remember my little blog, Lifting Revolution.

That blog and the start of Instagram has connected me to amazing women I otherwise would never have met.

Case and point...

Becks .

We've been "social media friends" for 8 years! We've never met in person, but thanks to the online world... I've always considered her a friend.

A friend I can't believe I haven't asked to be on the podcast until now!

Continuing my "Fit with Friends" series, Becks is here to share her story.

Show Notes

Here are a few high light points... but of course to get the full story, listen to the whole conversation.

  • Bullet point

    Becks is a super star when it comes to health and fitness but that wasn't always the case. As a kid, she was awkward and not athletic (outside of horseback riding).

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    When she started her health journey, it kicked off like it had for many of us... cardio focused. She didn't feel comfortable in the weight section of the gym, so stuck to the treadmill stage.

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    After several sign-ups and cancellations for trying a Crossfit gym, she finally showed up and fell in love.

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    Becks drank the juice and turned her personal drive to be fit and strong into helping others by becoming a Level II CF Coach.

That's the abridged version of her fitness!

There have been injuries along the way but she's stayed consistent and focused on what she can do instead of what she can't do to remain fit and happy.

Then 2020 came and with it, a new passion.

Baked By Becks

Like many of us, Becks headed into the kitchen. But instead of sourdough, she'd always loved baking cookies. She started to play around and before long...

Baked By Becks was created.

Her online cookie shop is DELICIOUS and pairs perfectly with her love of fitness.

Becks shows that you can have your cookies and eat them too.

And I'm not just saying they're good to be kind. I actually ordered them for my last retreat for all the ladies.

If you want to grab some cookies and support a small company, head to .

Okay, all this talk about cookies, is getting me excited to go order a few sweet treats for myself!

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