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The 3 Huge ProblemsIn Fitness & NutritionAre SOLVED!

The 3 HUGE Problems
Holding YouBack...


There's too much junk out there and everybody just throws it on you... expecting you to figure it out.


The same fad driven... generic... junky... repetitive... boring workouts. You loose interest quickly.

no coaching

Real coaches are gone. Nobody teaches or coaches you to overcome your specific issues.

Social Media has RuinedModern Fitness

It's become more about flaunting... hype... and status symbols than actually getting fit and feeling great about who you are.

And when it comes to coaching...

There is no coaching anymore.

You can't talk to your trainer...

You can't ask personal questions...

You can't explain a joint pain and get help to fix it...

You're left alone to figure things out for yourself.

You're alone and stuck

You'll never get stronger... never see your body change... never get results that excite you... and make you believe you can do more.

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I'm Fixing These ProblemsI'm Kindal Boyle

I LOVE strength training... running... healthy eating... I'm obessessed with fitness and food and I love it. But I’ve battled demons too... I still do to this day in fact.

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Over The Last 14 YearsWe've BeenReal Trainers

My husband and I own a private fitness studio for women. We specialize in functional strength training and kettlebells.

We've been successful because we focus on coaching and building relationships with our members.

Kindal and Dan working out with their members

We're Bringing 14 Years OfExperience To You

With some major differences...

Smaller membership so we can actually support and help our members get results.

Better workouts... more intensity... more strength... more design variety.

Real coaching and training. We talk to our members every single day.

Kindal working out with real members who visit our studio

3 BIG ReasonsFWW Is Different

Training Plans to Follow:

We build functional strength training plans so you know what you should accomplish each day... even if that's a rest day. With a plan there's no confusion. You know what to do.

We Get Things DONE

Life if busy. You need options to get a workout DONE. We design specialized workouts that last from 10 minutes... to 30 minutes... to 60 minutes. Do the workout that fits your day!

REAL Training

A coach almost guarantees success. We coach you... know you by name... train you... teach you... motivate you... keep you accountable so you can enjoy hitting your goals.

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Testimonial about Kindal
Kindal is extraordinary and she will push you hard.
Testimonial about Kindal
Kindal pushes herself and she pushes you. She's a great trainer!
Testimonial about Kindal
Kindal is amazing. She motivates you in the perfect way.

You Belong With Us

Group of member and Kindal flexing

A badass tribe of strong women pushing back on the status quo.

Your Trainers

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15 Years Experience

NASM Certified

NASM Women’s Specialist

NASM Weight Loss Specialist

RKC Kettlebell Lvl 1

Kettlebell Athletics

NASM Nutritionist

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15 Years Experience

NASM Certified

Kettlebell Athletics

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One of the biggest events of the year is coming on July 10th.

The 8 Week Summer Shred Challange.

And to get the word out... I'm hosting a FREE workout this Saturday the 27th.

  • A 30 minute bodyweight interval workout
  • No equipment needed
  • I'll count every rep out loud
  • I'll constantly motivate you

Register for the workout and get my Summer Shred Recipe guide FREE.

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