About Fit Women's Weekly - Kindal and Dan

We're a passionate wife and husband team breaking the status quo about how exercise and nutrition fit into your busy life.

We co-founded a private strength training studio for women in Charleston, SC called This Time Fitness.

And we have a combined 22 years of experience training and coaching women.

If there’s one thing we know…

It’s how to help you get strong… burn fat… and transform your body by staying consistent.

3 Reasons We're Different

I'm Kindal

  • NASM certified trainer
  • NASM Nutritionist
  • NASM Weight Loss Specialist
  • Russian Kettlebell Coach
  • Kettlebell Athletics Coach
Kindal smiling with her hands on her hips and looking really fit

I'm Dan

  • NASM certified trainer
  • Kettlebell Athletics Coach
Dan smiling with his arms crossed

Who is Kindal?

Kindal flexing and smiling showing her muscles and strength

Who is Dan?

Dan smiling with his arms crossed

3 LIVE Classes Every Weekday!

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Kindal doing squats during a live workout