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30 Day Guarantee

You have 30 days to get into Plan Smart Eat Real. If it's not working for you in any way... let me know and I'll refund you're money no questions asked.

It's the ultimate risk free offer. Go through half the program and then decide if you want to keep it.

Future Pricing Of An 8 WeekMeal Plan Session


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While our app is in development... you can purchase ebook copies of Plan Smart Eat Real 1 and/or Plan Smart Eat Real 2... for only $49 per meal plan session. Normal cost is $147.

When the app is finished... you'll automatically have an account in the app ready for you!

The 8 WeekLIVE Plan SmartEat Real Sessions

Next Session Starts: April 1, 2022









The next LIVE Plan Smart Eat Real session starts on April 1. We'll be using Meal Plan 2.

There are 300 spots available. Registration will open 30 days before the start.

Enter your name and email address to get on the early bird list. You'll be emailed the minute registration opens.

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The 8 WeekLIVE Plan SmartEat Real Pricing


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Get My Week 1Meal Plan FREE!

Week 1 is in PDF format until the app is done.

Try 12 recipes to see how I build them. (Maybe find a new favorite!)

Experience how simple healthy ingredientssimple healthy ingredients can be.

Sorry... no coaching access with the free week.