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Build the MostConsistentIntense & FunWorkout Habit

Habit is a HUGE collection of themed 30 day training plans.

Focused on strength training and designed for wherever your workout:

  • The gym...
  • Your living room...
  • Outside...
  • Even in a hotel room...

A Completely New Way ToFit Strength IntoYour Busy Life

Our design philosophy is called MicroHITS...


A single workout "session" is designed to last 10 to 13 minutes long and can be a full workout if needed.

High Intensity

Each "session" is full of compound movements and endurance strength. Intensity is very high.


A single session can be repeated or combined with different sessions to create the workout you want.

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The goal is consistency... get at least one round of a 10 minute workout DONE.

Workouts have to be intense... get pushed to the edge safely with smart training.

Results start out slow... but results compound one day you'll wake up a different woman!

This is Something Brand NewCircuit Stacking

Doing multiple rounds or combining different workout sessions into one.

You can circuit stack and build a workout that lasts 10 to 13 minutes... 28 to 34 minutes... or 46 to 54 minutes.

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Habit Is Not Just A ProgramIt's A Full App

Track workout stats and weights used.

Your performance is graphed automatically.

Favorite workouts for later use.

Stay accountable with a full workout journal.

Get points and prizes for completely training plans.

Forget steps or calories burned. These are the numbers that matter... the ones that will transform your body.

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Weight Used:

35lb KB

Circuit Time:


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Even try some early access workouts!

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