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Workout With a Trainer LIVE and FINALLY... burn fat & get strong

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current online fitness apps
just suck just suck

Accountability doesn’t exist with fitness programs and apps anymore.

You’re force fed a bunch of random crap making you feel…

Ignored? Ignored?

When you miss a workout or have a bad day… nobody messages or calls you out to hold you accountable.

Alone? Alone?

When you have a personal question… maybe a joint issue… or an exercise is too hard. You have nobody to turn to for help.

Bored? Bored?

You’re on again… off again… workouts are boring, repetative and the exercises don’t challenge you. You lose interest and fall into old habits.

bottom line: you don't get results

so we rebuilt the online the online fitness experience

This is Fit Women's Weekly LIVE

The only online program where you workout… talk to… and get coached by a real trainer as if you were coached in person.

Three fresh ideas change how your body responds to strength training:

1. Limited Membership 1. Limited Membership

Only 300 active members are allowed in the group. You aren’t just a number… I know you by name.

2. Real Coaching 2. Real Coaching

Because I know you… you get personalized training, coaching, and support from me and Dan.

3. Killer Workouts 3. Killer Workouts

We’ve been designing workouts for over 18 years. That’s what we do… get women strong.

Kindal doing a kettlebell pushup

Here's How FWW LIVE Will Change Your Body

1. 11 streaming workout workout classes per week

FWW LIVE Streaming Workout FWW LIVE Streaming Workout FWW LIVE Streaming Workout FWW LIVE Streaming Workout

Think of FWW LIVE like a private fitness studio.

Just like a luxury fitness studio… you get access to a full schedule of 16 LIVE classes per week.

Everyday I LIVE stream:

30 minute busy woman workout

30 Minute Workout

An intense, "express" workout that will leave you sweaty... muscles burning... and get you right back to your busy day.

60 minute full blast workout

60 Minute Workout

A hardcore... full length workout designed to maximize the amount of fat you burn and strength your body develops.

the ultimate balanced balanced workout system

Every day has a workout theme. As you repeat the theme week to week you:

  • Burn more body fat through progression based training

  • Build more strength through proper overload and recovery

  • Have more fun doing brand new workouts every week

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Kindal jump roping during Interval Monday

Interval Monday

Sprint style interval based workouts. Using the timer and reps. All bodyweight or light weights.


cardio strength

Dan cleaning a heavy dumbbell

Strong Tuesday

Hardstyle metabolic strength training. A focus on dumbbells & creative, fun strength workout design.



Kindal squeezing her abs tight in a top of pushup plank

Arms & Abs Wednesday

Burning abs and pumped up shoulders. Get ready for specialty endurance strength skill workouts.



Kindal knocking out some split squats from the box

Legs Thursday

Pure strength and specialty leg strength workouts. We work on the fine skills and all out muscle building.



Kindal pressing a heavy kettlebell

Kettlebell Friday

Hardcore cardio kettlebell strength workouts. This is our advanced, technical strength workout.


cardio strength

Kindal stretching and talking fitness mindset

Stretch Saturday

A day to focus on flexibility and mobility. Recover from the past week and get ready for the next.



workouts designed to designed to fit your busy life

Running late and can’t make the LIVE workout?

Do you prefer to workout early in the morning when I’m not streaming?

Not a problem.

Every workout is recorded giving you freedom to build your workout schedule.

Lock In My Free Trial

no credit card required

Lock In My Free Trial

no credit card required

2. 5 streaming
personal personal
training sessions

A brand new workout class designed to level up your skills.

Everyday I lead a private coaching class where you:

  • Learn and practice new exercises and movements

  • Fix specific joint pain… improve mobility… help your body move better

  • Work on the mental game of exercise and living a healthy life

Kindal smiling ready to be your personal trainer

i'm Your personal coach

Post personal videos

for training support and review.

LIVE access to talk to me

during workouts for immediate coaching feedback.

Daily access to me and Dan

in our private Facebook Group for on the go coaching when you need it most.

" i'm going to be with you every step of the way to smash your fitness goals!

special bonus: fww live fww live fitness app

A screenshot from the Fit Women's Weekly LIVE app dashboard

We’ve built the only fitness app to help you stay accountable and make living your fit life easier.

The only app that delivers results.

  • Finally track the numbers that unlock fat loss and strength gains

  • Save and schedule workouts for accelerated results

  • Take on 30 day challenge plans when you need a fitness reset

The app is FREE for members.

Click the button below and learn about the app features.

my primary goal is making it easier to get your workouts done

If I can make it easier for your to show up on a consistent basis to your workouts…

You’ll get the results you want.

I take care of the rest:

  • I design the workouts and plans

  • I deisgn the recovery

  • I coach and train you to make this work

FWW LIVE is your personal strength training studio for your busy life.

find your plan and join and join FWW LIVE

Membership is very limited. I get to know my members by name and help them on an individual basis.

I believe in delivering a luxury fitness experience without the “luxury” prices.

Membership is only $57 per month or you can purchase blocks of months.

30 Day Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. I pour my soul into FWW LIVE. But I know it’s not for everyone. If it’s not for you… just let me know and I’ll refund you immediately.

So give FWW LIVE a shot. You have zero risk to try it out and with limited membership… you shouldn’t wait.