Why grunting can be powerful for increasing the intensity of a workout.
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Kindal Boyle

Unleash Your Beast: Grunt With Confidence

The next time an exercise is getting tough and you doubt you can do 2-3 more reps…

Don't hold back or muffle yourself...

Let your body GRUNT... naturally.

Your body wants to do it, but a lot of times, we suppress the beast.

Let her out!

We all like to roll our eyes at grunters... laugh at them... get annoyed or even offended...

But guess what?

Grunting Works

Grunting makes you stronger!

In a study done at Drexel University, two researchers wanted to find out if there was any benefit to grunting, yelling, moaning (any nose making) during workouts or sports (tennis for example).

What they found was:

Grunting Produces 25% More Power!

Grunting allowed participants to produce 25% more force.

25% is a lot!

In fitness performance… 25% could mean the difference between staying stuck in a plateau or getting to the next level of strength... body definition... results!

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How To Grunt


First, you have to get over feeling silly and muting yourself.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Act confident and no one will question you?”

Just repeat that to yourself over and over again, then try.

As your reps start to get harder, and you’re not sure you have one more solid rep in you…

Take a deep breath, then as you work through the tough part of the rep... let your breath out naturally.

You might grunt...

You might forcefully breath...

But try to let whatever happens... happen.

And guess what?

Improve Force Product By 11%

Forcefully breathing can improve force production by 11%

And 11% is pretty darn good.

11% can be the difference between giving up early during an exercise and remaining in a plateau...

Compared to getting through two more reps... increasing personal beleif... and achieving new body results.


Something is better than nothing!

Baby step your way to the full grunt.

Why Does Grunting Work?


Here's Sinclair Smith, the header researcher of the Drexler University study...

intensity tip

Grunting helps boost your adrenaline by turning on your fight or flight.

You’ve decided to go outside your comfort zone and your body helps with a little extra boost of adrenaline.

Makes sense right?

So when you get to rep 10 of 12 and don’t think you can go any further… breathe deep, find your inner beast and let her roar!

form tip

Just becareful because when you're really tired... if you're not focused... your form can completely breakdown.

And depending on the exercise you're doing... this can open you up to injuries.

Make sure you read more in the 2 to 3 Rep Rule post about the types of exercises that are dangerous.


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