5 Minute Fit Finisher: How Many Box Over Burpees Can You Get?

This is an all out sprint style workout with some fun wrinkles to spice things up.

I filmed the advanced version, but I'll show you the modifications you can use to make this doable for any fitness level.

Set your timer for 5 minutes and get ready for a heart pounds... deep breathing... Fit Finisher workout.

How Many Box Over Burpees Can You Get?

How Many Box Over Burpees Breakdown

You will not get to 100 burpees.

But just having that number in your head will help push your intensity up.


How close to 100 burpees can you get?

Here's The Workout:

Start doing box over burpees. Below I'll have a full list of modifications because box over burpees are hard.

Not only are box over burpees hard... I don't like making my clients and members jump. Jumping is actually hard and dangerous.

form tip

When was the last time you jumped during your daily life?

If you're like most people... hardly ever... mostly likely never. Not since you were a kid.

In fitness, jumping is used for:

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    It's plyometic contraction

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    Agility practice

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    It looks really cool

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    It is actually fun

But like I said, it's dangerous. The risk for injury is high. Let's face it... most people lack the necessary coordination to make jumping worthwhile.

Unless you know how to jump well and land correctly... don't jump. Skip the box over burpees and just do normaly burpees or the yoga mat burpees you'll see below.

Do As Many Burpees In A Row As You Can

When you stop... go through this whole mini-circuit:

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    8 Bent over rows weak side only

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    8 Swings

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    8 Lemon squeezes

I'll show you the exercises in a second... but go through this fast. Don't let your heart rate recover too much... you're trying to collect as many burpees as you can in the 5 minute time period.

Be Honest With Yourself

You have to judge when a stop is considered a stop.

Be honest with yourself and this workout will be a lot more fun.

Box Over Burpees Exercise Breakdown

Box Over Burpee

Kindal jumping back into her burpee and making sure she falls down into the pushup which requires more muscle control.
Kindal is getting into a solid pushup getting ready to explode so she can make the jump on top of the box.
Kindal jumping onto the box and clearly pushing really hard.
Kindal landing right in the middle of the box. This is a good jump because you want to land in the middle... not on your toes.
Kindal is hopping right off the box and falling down into the next burpee. This is what makes the workout so hard.

There are a couple ways you can do this. But remember what I said above about jumping.

Step 1

Do a burpee next to the box. Make sure you get a good pushup.

Step 2

As you jump out of your burpee... jump all the way to the top of the box.

This is cearly the first dangerous part of the exercise. I have hit the box and fallen a bunch of times. This exercise always makes me nervous and I like to think I'm a good exercise jumper.

Step 3

Hop off the box and fall directly into the next burpee if you can.

This is the second dangerous part of the exercise. If you don't know how to land on the ground and into your next burpee... it's dangerous. Don't do it.

I'll show you in a minute... a good modification where you can use a box and make this exercise a lot safer.

Step 4

You're now falling into your next burpee so you can just keep this sequence going.


I've given a lot of warning so far... but please don't do this if you don't have experience jumping.

Box Over Burpee Modifications

Step Up And Off The Box

This is going to slow the workout down. If you do with this modification... increase the total time to 8 or 10 minutes.

Rather than jump up on the box and jump down...

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    Step up...

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    Step over...

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    Step down from the box...

I would not go higher than a 16 inch box. And still take your time so you don't trip because if you go too fast... it's easy to trip. I speak from experience.

No Box At All

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    Get rid of the box...

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    Get rid of jumping...

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    Eliminate the danger...

Just do burpees and see how well you can do.

If you want to add a little plyo action... grab your yoga mat and hop over that. You'll still get to jump a little but you don't have to worry about missing or tripping over the box.

Just doing burpees by themselves will not diminish this workout at all. It will still be incredibly hard.

Box Over Burpees Or Half Burpees

If you're just getting back into fitness or you consider yourself a beginner...

Do box burpees. (NOT box over burpees.)

Remember to bring the floor up. It will make doing burpees a lot faster and more doable for you.

Or you can just do half burpees. Get rid of the pushup and now you can move faster too.

Or you can do a mix of the two. Keep the structure of the workout but play around with how you combine your exercises. Have fun!

How Many Burpees Where You Able To Collect?

This workout is supposed to be really hard. But that's what makes it so much fun.

When you go into this... take the attitude of curiosity.

"How far can I go?"

Don't worry about a specific number... rather be curious and push hard. You can then repeat this workout in a few weeks and have a number to beat. This is when things get a lot more fun.

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