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Podcast Ep 319: Should You Workout 2x Per Day?

Podcast Notes:

1. Should you workout 2 times a day?

If you're working out multiple times a day in an effort to burn more calories or get faster results... I'd say stop.

A consistent, intense, strength based 30 to 60 minute workout is enough for most women to get results.

Obviously... eating plays a HUGE role too.

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If you're training for something specific like.... a marathon... trail race... Spartan (obstacle) race... done correctly will help you a lot!

If you're do a strength training workout in the morning... and a purely cardio workout in the evening... it's probably okay.

Make sure you're eating enough to fuel your body and rest in-between when you need it.

The key is recovery.

Your body produces results when it's resting not when you're working out.

Allow yourself 1-2 rest days per week.

2. The most underrated piece of fitness equipment?

Trigger balls... by far.

I would recommend the Alpha Ball by Jill Miller . It's inexpensive and slightly soft so you can be aggressive with it.

If you want to learn more about how to use trigger ball therapy... Jill has an awesome book called Roll Model.

In our Habit app... we will have 5 to 7 minute mobility routines you can follow.

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3. How to work out in humid, hot conditions?

Did you know that working out in hot, humid conditions can be just as beneficial at cardio performance as working out at high altitude?

A study by the Marathon Training Academy showed evidence that cardio (running) in hot, humid conditions showed similar performance benefits to high altitude training.

Click here to read a great blog post about this .

At first it's hard, but your body adapts quickly.

A few things that keep in mind:

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    Drink electrolytes like Nuun or Gnarly Hydrate (I love them both).

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    If you can have a fan to keep air circulating... it helps big time.

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    Have some ice in a bucket to help you cool down fast if you overheat.

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    Stop immediately if you feel drained or dizzy.

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