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for women who love strength strength

We’ll teach you how to design the perfect fitness and nutrition habit to fit your life… burn fat… and sculpt a body you’re proud of.

But it goes beyond just looking good… it’s about being energized and fit mentally too.

why create "another"
fitness site? fitness site?

Fit Women’s Weekly is on a mission to change how women think about fitness on a large scale.

Truth Truth

To spread the truth about strength training and bring unfiltered realness and reliability to the fitness world.

foundation foundation

Strength is the foundation of a healthy, youthful body… of running… yoga… of living a capable life.

balance balance

Being strong is the major factor for emotional balance and seeing yourself as worthy in your own eyes.

i want to help transform your body mind & life

Kindal smiling and introducing herself

what's up? I'm Kindal I'm Kindal

I’ve been training women for over 18 years in my private studio. Now I’m ready to impact more women!

certified trainer

kettlebell trainer

kettlebell certified

i've been through my period of
dark days dark days

Anorexia Anorexia

I was eating 500 calories a day. Obsessed with skinny. And suffering physically and mentally.

Addicted Addicted

I believed running made you skinny. So I ran 4 to 6 miles per day - every single day.

Skinny Fat Skinny Fat

In clothes I looked skinny. Undernearth I was a sloppy mess. Zero mucles and covered in cellulite.

Kindal looking down sad about her past

i knew nothing about exercising correctly

then one
challenge challenge

I was challenged by Dan when we first started dating to try strength training for 30 days.

  • I immediatley loved it but it took me a few years to learn how to do it correctly

  • I started with a bodybuilding style

  • Evntually I found a metabolic cross training style through kettlebells even before CrossFit got popular

  • It’s one reason I love CrossFit now… it’s more or less my style

Kindal deadlifting in a womens strength and kettlebell competition

I'm deadlifting at a strength competition. Max was 270lbs

Kindal and Alex training kettlebells together Kindal and Alex training kettlebells together
Kindal kettlebel snatching in a womens strength and kettlebell competition

Kettlebell competition where I finshed 3rd in the kettlebell snatch test... in the world!

Kindal and Alex training kettlebells together
Kindal smiling before teaching a FWW LIVE workout

Hey It's just me... happy to be a strength coach.

Kindal and Alex training kettlebells together

for over 18 years we've been
real trainers real trainers

My husband and I owned a private fitness studio for women. We specialize in functional strength training and kettlebell training.

We’ve been successful because we focus on coaching and building relationships with our members.

Kindal leading a fitness mountain retreat and hike over a long weekend.

Kindal leading a hike on one of her long weekend mountain retreats.

Kindal getting a group photo after a tough group workout

Kindal getting a group picture after a tough group workout at her studio.

Kindal flexing with her clients for a progress picture at the studio.

Kindal flexing with her clients for a progress picture at the studio.

A celebration picture after a special weekend outdoor workout getting all the studio members together.

A group picture celebrating the end of a special weekend workout and 8 week challenge.

Dan smiling and welcoming you to Fit Women's Weekly

Meet Dan Meet Dan

  • NASM Trainer

  • Trainer for FWW LIVE

  • Researcher

  • Writer

  • Nerdy tech stuff

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Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

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