I Tried The Liver King's Insane Press Challenge

Why did I did I test a workout designed by a beefy, raw liver eating, steroid loaded man?

To be fair, at the time, he denied ever touching steriods .

As for the raw meat thing…

To each their own.

But now that we know his steroid lies, how do we know if he’s really living his ancestral lifestyle?

How far do the lies go?

After he turns the camera off does he push his plates aside to grab a slice of vegetarian pizza?

I don’t think so.

But here is what I do think:

He pumps his body with $120,000 of anabolic steroids per year but that alone doesn’t make him have muscles on top of muscles.

Liver King’s workouts are barbaric.

His training sessions, or “hunt simulations”, aim to push him the way our primal ancestors were pushed during spear hunts.

When Bryan (his real name) posted an overhead press challenge and I saw Crossfit Games athlete, Kristi O’Connell , post it…

I decided to try it too.

It was hard.

I love high volume workouts. This workout also paired really well with a press program I created for FWW LIVE .

The Live King Press Challenge

  • Bullet point

    10 Unbroken overhead presses at each weight (weight table below).

  • Bullet point

    If you fail a set… repeat it until all 10 are done unbroken.

form tip

Here is my modification to this workout:

It can be a little dangerous repeating the same rep range at the same weight if you keep failing. After all, your muscles are going to start fatiguing fast.

This fatigue can lead to poor form which isn't worth the risk.

So when you fail a set… lower the weight by 10 pounds and see if you can repeat the rep range for 10 unbroken.

Keep dropping until you can do those 10 unbroken.

When you go to the next weight jump… rest at least 2-3 minutes and try to up the weight again.

That’s the hard part… but not impossible!

There are 13 sets total in the pyramid, which adds up to 130 presses.

Told you, high volume!

Barbell weights per set:

  • Bullet point


SO that's 10 reps at 35 lbs. Then 10 at 40 and so on until you get to 70 and then back down.

If you need to modify these weights, that’s okay! Just don’t take any illegal performance enhancing drugs before hand (i.e. hardcore steroids).

Additional Modification Suggestions:

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    Start at 15, 20, or 25 lbs instead of 35.

  • Bullet point

    Completing 5-8 reps/set instead of 10.

  • Bullet point

    Doing less sets. Make 60 or 65 lb. the top of the pyramid before working back down.

If these numbers are out of your strength level… don't worry. Use the same workout layout and change the weights and reps.

Make sure the workout is hard for your level. Remember, if a workout doesn’t stress your body… your body won’t change.

Snap a picture or video and tag me ( @KindalBoyleFitness ) in Instagram so I can check it out!

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Workout With Me For FREE! Get a 14 Day Unlimited Class Pass!

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