Learn How To Workout With Kettlebells - The Getting Started Guide

I LOVE kettlebell training.

It's efficient. You get a total body workout strength training workout... but also test your balance... and your coordination.

Plus your workouts don't have to last forever.

It's not the easiest strength training style to lean. It's technical... and there are some tough spots you'll need to overcome.

Like getting over the kettlebell initially bruising your forearm... but it does go away.

I've collected and will continue to collect my getting started with kettlebell training posts.

These posts will teach you:

  • Bullet point

    Correct exercise form

  • Bullet point

    My best tips and technique tricks

  • Bullet point

    Show you detailed pictures

  • Bullet point

    Give you some slow motion video so you can see for yourself

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    Even some practice workouts and drills

I hope this helps you get into kettlebell training with excitement and confidence.

If you have any questions... hit me up on the contact page or on my social media.

Choosing The Right Kettlebell

Kindal holding up a 35lb kettlebell from Rogue Fitness.

The right kettlebell makes a big difference.

I'll admit it... at first kettlebells can be intimidating. And this is why so many women start with tiny... plastic coasted kettlebells.

Don't be that person. I'll show you the best kettlebells to purchase so you can become a true... badass... kettlebellista!

Click to choose the best kettlebells

Master The Kettlebell Deadlift

Kindal show what the bottom of the kettlebell deadlift looks like.

This is the first skill you have to learn... the hip hinge.

It's a fundamental movement pattern that is used in nearly every other kettlebell exercise. And it's used in strength training all the time as well.

So it's a very important skill to learn.

Click here to master the kettlebell deadlift

Learning The Kettlebell Swing

Kindal showing what getting to the top of the swing looks like.

It's THE exercise of kettlebell exercises.

And yes... it's pretty awesome. You can think of the swing as a dynamic deadlift.

I'll show you how to master the swing...

  • Bullet point

    Different swing variations to get your started

  • Bullet point

    The two triangles that make or break correct form

  • Bullet point

    What your shoulders must do to protect your back

  • Bullet point

    And the secret of balance

Click here to master the kettlebell swing

Master The Kettlebell Clean

Kindal showing what the top of the clean looks like.

It's a simple exercise... and in some ways not just an exercise.

It's also how you hold your kettlebell and how you transition to other kettlebell exercises.

And just because it's simple... does not make it easy.

The clean is pretty technical, but I'll show the one simple drill that will have you cleaning the kettlebell in no time.

Click here to master the kettlebell clean

Master The Kettlebell Snatch

Kindal almost to the top of her kettlebell snatch.

This is the most fast paced and brutal exercise... all great things! Haha!

If you want an exercise that burns fat and yet mixes in strength perfectly... look no further.

Like the clean, this can be technical but I'll show you how to break it down into it's component parts.

Once you understand what the kettlebell does at each point in the process... you'll be able to put the whole thing together with the practice drills I'll teach you.

Click to learn the kettlebell snatch

Ready To Practice And Learn More?

Make sure you bookmark this post because Dan and I will add to it regularly.

Here are some other posts that will help you practice and learn more kettlebell skills and exercises.

5 Exercises To Get You Started With Kettlebells

Kindal about to show what a kettlebell pop squat looks like.

This post breaks down beginner friendly exercises so you can start getting the feel for your kettlebell.

There are also some practice workouts you have to try.

These workouts will show you how you can have an intense... highly effective workout... with some basic exercises.

Let's go sweat!

Read about the 5 exercises to get started with kettlebells .

6 Hardcore Kettlebell Leg Exercises

Kindal deep in a side lunge with a kettlebell.

As women, our legs are our strength center.

And who doesn't love the look of firm legs with muscle definition. I do... and I always feel like I'm chasing it... haha.

In this post I'll introduce you to some tough leg exercise you've probably never tried before... especially with a kettlebell.

Read about the 6 hardcore kettlebell let exercises .

10 Kettlebell Snatch Variations

Kindal halfway through a kettlebell snatch with great form.

As if the kettlebell snatch isn't tough enough...

Let me start showing you some fun variations. Some of these can get very technical so make sure you listen to your body... but have fun too.

Read about 10 tough kettlebell snatch variations .

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