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10 Kettlebell Snatch Variations To Build Strength

After kettlebell swings and get-ups, snatches are the next most popular kettlebell move that makes you feel like you're a kettlebell badass.

And for good reason!

They're awesome.

Snatches are a total body exercise that really works the:

  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Shoulders
  • Traps

With a strong hip hinge, high pull and shoulder control, you'll walk away with muscles burning and heart thumbing after just a few reps.

If you want to get better at your snatch, the number one rule is to practice it consistently.

But here's a secret and where this video comes into play:

You don't have to do the SAME kettlebell snatch variation every time. Adding variety makes it fun, helps to learn more, and challenges your body in different ways to avoid burnout and plateaus.

So, how many variations are there?


In the video, I'm sharing 10 different variations but since kettlebells can be used to create flows and combo moves...

The possibilities might be endless.

The 10 Variations Covered

Make sure to watch the video and listen for tips and cues on each one.

  1. Regular KB Snatch
  2. Floor (Power) Snatch
  3. Sling Shot Snatch
  4. Alternating Snatch
  5. Fast Switch Snatch
  6. Kneeling Snatch
  7. Double Snatch
  8. Lunge Snatch
  9. Double Devil's Press
  10. Alt Devil's Press

Okay are you ready?

Try one or two in your next workout.

  • Snap a picture or take a video and tag me on Instagram (@TrainerKindal). Feel free to use the hashtags, #FWW... #TrainerKindal... or #KindalBoyle.

I love seeing what you can do and I'll be happy to give tips and feedback!

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