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What Kettlebells Should I Buy To Get Started

Kettlebells are expensive.

And some companies make crappy kettlebells.

Some companies make great kettlebells but charge an arm and a leg.

So you want to get the best price first.

Second, the right kettlebells help you get started faster into learning the skills you need.

If you go too light... you'll probably lose interest.

If you go too heavy... you'll never be able to learn and practice.

What Weights Should You Start With?

Beginner Level

On a high level, I usually say... if you can't do 10 straight pushups... you're a beginner.

I would buy two kettlebells to start:

  1. 18lb kettlebell
  2. 26lb kettlebell

The 18 will help you learn quickly.

It's perfect for practicing the technical skills you need without beating your wrists up too much.

It's also great for developing grip strength... something you should always be working on.

The 26 is needed because you'll need a heavier weight.

Here’s what I mean...

When you're learning... it helps to feel the weight when you're doing exercises like swings or snatches.

By feel the weight... I mean using a weight you can't over power... that's not too easy.

This helps activate the correct muscles so you can feel what you're supposed to feel.

Intermediate Level

If you've been strength training and you can knock out 10 pushups straight... you're intermediate.

I'd probably start with:

  1. 26lb kettlebell
  2. 35lb kettlebell

You should be strong enough where learning with a 26 lber... is no problem.

The 35 is important for you because you'll quickly want to go heavier as you learn.

This is especially true for swings where you can go heavy once you get the movement pattern down.

Kindal pushing really hard in a pushup
Intensity Tip

If you purchase two kettlebells to start... you can use them both at once.

When you're doing swings... squats... deadlifts... cleans... etc...

You can use both even though they're different weights.

Using two kettlebells is a great way to go heavier and train your body in different ways.

This is why I do NOT recommend competition kettlebells. They're too big to use two at one time.

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What Company I Recommend?

This is not a paid advertisement.

Rogue Fitness.

I have used Rogue kettlebells in my gym ever since opening over a decade ago.

  • They have the best prices to quality
  • Their shipping costs are some of the best
  • They quality is some of the best

It's just under $100... including shipping... for an 18 and 26 lb kettlebell.

Plus they have these new e-coat kettlebells which are pretty sweet. I have not used them extensively myself.

But I have bought them for other people and I liked what I saw.

Your Buying Kettlebell Roadmap

Based off of all the clients I've helped purchase kettlebells over the years... here's how they tend to buy them.

After the initial purchase...

  • 35lb kettlebell always comes next and it's the most popular weight (after learning the skills)
  • 44lb kettlebells are popular with women who love to push a little harder.
  • 53lb kettlebell if you want to get into heavier swings or getups (popular with men too).

Almost every client and member who get's serious about kettlebell training ends up buying these extra three kettlebells.

I have not had a client or member ever purchase over a 53 kettlebell... yet.

Final Kettlebell Word

Kettlebell training is one of the best forms of fitness.

It's hardcore... it's strength... it's cardio... and kettlebells challenges your body unlike anything else.

So don't think twice about investing in your own kettlebell collection.

They last a lifetime and if you use them regularly... your body will be rockin!

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