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5 Minute Fit Finisher - The 10 Second Turkish Get Up Workout

This is a super simple workout.

But it's also an advanced kettlebell workout.

And it's an incredibly intense static-style workout.

You can only do this workout if you're an experienced... Turkish Get Up Practitioner

So without further or due... let's get into this workout

The 10 Second Turkish Get Up Workout Breakdown

There is one exercise in this workout. That's it.

The kettlebell turkish getup .

This is one of the more popular and "pretty" kettlebell exercises to look at.

And once you get into kettlebell training... everybody wants to add this exercise to their repertoire.

This workout is:

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    A breakdown or each position in the getup

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    You'll hold each position for 10 seconds

I'll break the turkish get up into it's parts but I'm not going to explain each part in detail.

Rather go read my blog post about the get up . The link is right up above.

I think of this workout like a static or isolation workout.

What Is Static & Isolation Training?

Static or isolation training is holding a position that requires your muscles to be engaged (flexing) for a period of time... which not moving in space.

Static and isolation training is really good for:

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    Building joint strength

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    Muscle endurance

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    Neuromuscular control (how your brain talks to your limbs)

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    Proprioception (knowing where your body is in space)

Anytime you're holding a rack position... farmers carry... a plank or hollow hold... you're doing isolation training.

Go checkout this 5 Minute Fit Finisher workout... it's all about static training as well.

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

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The 10 Second Turkish Get Up Exercise Breakdown

Position 1 - On Back And Pressed Kettlebell

Kindal is laying on her back with her kettlebell pressed.

Lay on your back and press the kettlebell over your chest.

Make sure your legs are spread in a V. Then bend the leg... on the side of your body that is holding the kettlebell.

Bend the leg so your foot is flat on the floor.

Finally... laterally move your arm out to about 45 degrees from your spine and shoulder line.

Position 2 - Find Your Forearm

Kindal finding her forearm which starts to get her body going up.

Get up to your forearm. This can be tough... especially as you increase the weight of your kettlebell.

Remember two things to help:

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    Press into your heel

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    Dig in with your elbow

This will give you leverage to make the initial move much easier to complete.

Also press the kettlebell into the sky... press through your shoulder. Don't let it pull you down.

Position 3 - Get On Your Hand

Kindal finds her hand and presses the kettlebell up to the sky.

Go from forearm to hand. This is an easy move.

You can re-adjust here if you need to find a little better balance.

Remember to always look at the kettlebell.

Position 4 - Hip Up To The Sky

Kindal presses her hips to the sky and extends through her shoulder to press the kettlebell up.

This is the "pretty" position of the get up. Most of the pictures you see of this exercise are this "hips to sky" position.

It's a tough one to hold because you'll have a lot of pressure on your wrist. But you'll get stronger.

You can do it!

Position 5 - Bring Knee Back Under Body

This is a tough move but you need to get your knee under your body to build a strong foundation.

This is the hardest move in the get up.

It requires everything we mentioned above:

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    Proprioception to know where you knee is

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    Mobility to get your knee under your body

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    Endurance because your shoulder is burning by now

Read my blog post about the get up and I break this move down more. It's a tough one you will need to practice using no weight.

It's all about mobility.

Position 6 - Come Up To Kneeling

Kindal comes to kneeling position and she keeps her back toes tucked so she can press in to get up.

This is easy. It does require a little core strength and if you have a tight low back... you may feel this.

It's similar to doing a kettlebell windmill which requires "all-around" core strength.

There are three keys I want you to focus on:

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    Hold your core tight so you don't breakdown through your torso

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    Keep reaching the kettlebell high through your shoulder joint

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    Focus on your hip placement and balance

This will get you to a kneeling position... you're close to the top.

Position 7 - Stand Up

Kindal stands up by pushing into her toes and front foot and comes all the way up while still extending the kettlebell up in the sky.

Make sure... the leg that has the knee on the ground... tuck your toes.

Press into your front foot hard and into your tucked toes. Keep looking at the kettlebell as you stand up.

Find balance. When you're standing is the only time you're allowed to look straight ahead or not at the kettlebell.

Position 8 - Down To Kneeling

Kindal steps back to kneeling and makes sure to keep her kneeling stance not too wide.
Kindal is about to do the ankle swivel and this will help create the correct hip position to get your hand on the ground.
Kindal rotates and gets her ankle in which is the line you want to use for pushing your hips back.

Now you're going back down. Take a step back with balance and find the kneeling position again.

At this point it's really important you return to looking at the kettlebell the entire time.

Position 9 - Kneeling Windmill

Kindal find the ground again and this will take some core strength. Make sure you place your hands only 6 to 8 inches from the back knee.

Again... go read my full blog post about the get up.

The post talks about a foot (or ankle) swivel that puts your legs in better position to perform a kneeling windmill.

You want to push your hips out as if you're doing a hip hinge... diagonally.

Keep your spine straight as you put your hand on the group.

Position 10 - The Kick Through

Kindal kicks through and extends her hips up to the sky.

You're going back into the hip extension position. This is the hardest part of going back down... just as it is going up.

Press into your hand and the knee that's on the ground to give yourself some extra space vertically.

I also like to walk my bent leg's foot out a few inches to create even more space horizontally.

Kick your leg straight through so it's fully extended out and press your hips into the sky.

Position 11 - Butt On Ground

Kindal gets her butt on the ground but with control and not just falling down.

Get your butt on the group.

This is easy. You can use this time to reposition a little for the last easy part.

Position 12 - Lay Down On Your Back

Kindal gets to her forearm and then lays all the way back so she is in the same position her started in.

Now just lay back carefully... using your core to control going back.

Don't "fall" down because the kettlebell can potentially fall from your control... this would be bad.

But now you're done. You've gone up and back down.

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

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Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

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