5 Minute Inverted Kettlebell Workout - Inverted

Have you ever tried inverting your kettlebells?

My guess it probably not. Don't worry... most trainers have never tried inverted kettlebells.

When it comes to exercises that require total body engagement... anything that requires extra balance is the key.

Inverted kettlebells are all about balance but with extra muscle engagement too. So you're really getting a double whammy.

Let's get into this workout. I think you'll find it frustrating (in a good way), engaging... also a lot of fun.

5 Minute Inverted Kettlebell Workout Breakdown

What is inversion?

Inverting the kettlebell is turning it upside down.

So rather than have the bell resting against your wrist - as you would normally - you're going to squeeze the kettlebell handle and hold the bell above your hand. Inverted.

To do this... you have to engage your grip and arm all the way through your shoulder. And this is only if you're sitting there.

Once you start moving your entire body is going to engage... probably more than you're used to feeling. And this is why inverted kettlebells work so well.

big idea

I wanted to say this up-front...

This workout is HARD. And if you don't have the grip strength or body control... you'll lose control of the inverted kettlebell.

Don't worry. All this means it you need to build more strength and neuromuscular control. That is what Fit Women's Weekly is all about.

Make sure you go learn about FWW LIVE or Habit so you can start building this type of strength... nobody else is going to teach you this. I will.

How Inverted Works

  • Bullet point

    12 racked kettlebell squats (smooth, fast, and light)

  • Bullet point

    6 inverted kettlebell squats

  • Bullet point

    6 inverted cleans (with half second pause in rack)

  • Bullet point

    12 kettlebell snatches (smooth and fast)

Each round through is on one side of the body... go like this...

  • Bullet point

    Weak side first

  • Bullet point

    Strong side

  • Bullet point

    Weak side

  • Bullet point

    Strong side

Can you get through 4 rounds before 5 minutes is up?

It's tough. I did not quick make it myself. But I bet if we repeat the workout... we can do it!

Here are some blog posts to help you increase your kettlebell arm strength:

Inverted Exercise Breakdown

Racked Squats

Kindal at the top of the kettlebell goblet squats ready to move nice and fast with good balance.
Kindal at the bottom of the kettlebell goblet squats. She is not too low because this workout calls for some speed

I think racked squats (mainly single sided) are my favorite flavor of squats.

When you use a heavy enough kettlebell... you get insane ab activation... your legs (mainly quads) get hit... but you also get great shoulder work too. I love them!

Step 1

Rack your kettlebell on one side only. Stand with your feet just about shoulder width... but if you know your squat stance is narrower or wider... go with that.

Step 2

Squeeze the handle pretty hard... brace your core... and squat down.

Remember to slightly twist your feet into the ground so you're legs are turned on and in control of the squat motion.

Step 3

As you change direction and come up out of the squat... brace harder and squeeze the kettlebell handle harder.

When you squeeze the handle harder, the kettlebell is less likely to drag your shoulder down.

Come up and get right back into the next rep.

For this workout... you want to go pretty fast with your squats since we're under a time crunch.

Inverted Racked Squats

Kindal at the top of the inverted squats. Notice how her arms is perpendicular and she is balancing the kettlebell nicely.
Kindal at the bottom of the inverted kettlebell squat. She has maintained arm position and has put more focus on balance.

Okay... here we go.

If this if your first time... have fun with this exercise. It will be really tough but the more practice you get the better you'll get.

Step 1

Rack your kettlebell... but inverted. Remember you're balancing the bell over the handle.

From the minute you rack the kettlebell you'll brace your arm hard. And to help keep balance you're entire body is going to brace up.

Step 2

Squat down. Realize your pace is going to slow down A LOT.

Inverted squats are more about balance and bracing than speed. Your workout pace will slow down a lot... but as you get better at inverting the kettlebell you can start to go faster.

Remember to have fun and keep practicing. Don't get frustrated if you keep letting the kettlebell fall.

form tip

Keep your hand close to the kettlebell as your squat. This way if you drop it... you can quickly catch it and make sure you don't get caught in a strange position.

Also if you keep dropping the kettlebell... go lighter. As you get better and better... you'll be able to go heavier and heavier. Don't think bad of yourself... starting with a crazy light weight is NOT a bad thing.

Step 3

As you come up and out of the squat... just like the normal racked squat... brace hard. Keep your focus on balance.

As you knock out these inverted squats... notice the difference in balance. You want to learn from this balance and bring it to your "normal" squats... especially your heavier kettlebell squats.

Inverted Cleans

Kindal is in a light loaded position. She does not need to fully load her hips for these inverted cleans. It's not about the weight as much as it is about balancing the kettlebell with muscle engagement.
Kindal it at the midpoint of the inverted kettlebell clean and notice how the bell part of the kettlebell is staying straight in line with her forearm angle.
Kindal is at the top of the inverted kettlebell clean. She has to squeeze the handle harder to keep balance so the kettlebell does not flop over.

The good news for inverted cleans is... in order to do inverted squats... you had to do an inverted clean to get the kettlebell up.

Step 1

Hike the kettlebell back into a mild loaded position. I say mild because you typically don't have to use full hip power for lighter cleans.

Step 2

As you pop your hips and the kettlebell comes through your legs... pull up on the kettlebell to redirect it straight up.

Keep your elbow close to your body. Remember you are not going to punch around the kettlebell like you would during a normal kettlebell clean .

Rather you're going to keep the bell high.

Step 3

Punch your arm straight up to the sky a little to balance and set your arm. Keep kettlebell inverted in a rack position. Find balance for a half second to a full second...

Then push the kettlebell off so it swings back into your loaded position.

The little bit of a pause in the clean position is key. You need to find your balance and brace up... this is what will improve your strength faster.

Kettlebell Snatches

Kindal is at the bottom of the kettlebell snatch in the fully loaded position ready to use her hips and get the kettlebell moving fast.
Kindal is at the midpoint of the kettlebell snatch. Notice her elbow is staying close to her body and the kettlebell is about to get punched around by her hand.
Kindal is punching her hand around the kettlebell so it come to rest on her forearm just as she is fully extended at the top.
Kindal is at the top of the kettlebell snatch fully extended and her body is locked out in a strong position.

After two exercises that are slower and inverted... let's polish this circuit off with FAST kettlebell snatches .

Step 1

Get the kettlebell in a strong loaded position. You're going to need all the hip power you've got.

Remember... the arm that is not holding the kettlebell should swing back when you're in the loaded position. This helps keep your shoulders in the proper position.

Step 2

Fire from your hips and as the kettlebell comes through your legs... pull up hard on the kettlebell and keep your elbow close your body.

This will redirect the bell straight up so you can get it over your head.

Step 3

As the kettlebell is passing about chest high... punch around the bell so you can extend your arm up and over your head.

This punch around the kettlebell is what allows the kettlebell to "softly" land on your forearm.

Step 4

Once you're at the top fully locked out... throw the kettlebell out and immediately add a bend into your knees so you can catch the kettlebell without engaging your back.

Get yourself back into the loaded position for the next rep and move FAST.

Kettlebell snatches are one of the more technical kettlebell exercises. They take practice and training to learn. Go buy my Strong program from my Habit programs . Part of the program is a full... in-depth... Kettlebell Clinic.

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Now go get Inverted done and let me know how going inverted went. I can't wait to hear about it.

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