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5 Minute Kettlebell Workout - Swing to Press

Today's workout is a foundational kettlebell workout.

It's very simple in nature and that's what makes this workout so good.

Sometimes Dan and I struggle with trying to design workouts that are exciting with new designs...

And we end up making things a little complicated.

Sometimes... simple is better.

Let's get into this workout!

5 Minute Kettlebell Workout - Swing To Press Breakdown

Here's the main circuit:

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    3 Single Swings

  • Bullet point

    Clean and Lunge

  • Bullet point

    2 Presses (Kneeling)

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    Stand and switch to other side

You're going to do this circuit for a 2 minute AMRAP... as many rounds as possible.

Rest for 30 seconds...

Do the circuit for a 2 minute AMRAP again...

For the AMRAPs... stay on one side of your body during the circuit and switch sides of the bond each round.

Start on your weak side.

Also notice the reps are very... VERY... low. So try and go heavier with the weight. Make it tough.

After your finish the second 2 minute AMRAP...

Go immediately into 60 seconds of burpees trying to get as many as you possibly can.

Keep track of:

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    How many rounds you completed during the first round of the AMRAP

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    How many burpees you completed in the 60 second burst

This is how you'll judge your improvement when you do the workout again.

How To Use Swing To Press

All of our 5 minute Fit Finisher workouts are great assessment workouts... but this one in particular is really good.

My challenge for you is to use this workout as a monthly assessment:

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    Do the workout at the beginning of the month

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    Do the workout in the middle of the month and track how you do

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    Do the workout at the end of the month and try to beat your numbers

Using small assessment workouts like this is one of the best ways to push yourself and achieve better results.

5 Minute Kettlebell Workout - Swing To Press Exercise Breakdown

Single Sided Kettlebell Swings

Kindal in the loaded position of the kettlebell swing. She is hip hinging with really good balance.
Kindal is firing from the hips. She could be a little straighter. But you can see it's the hips that make the kettlebell go out.
Kindal is at the top of the swing without being quite there yet. This is how you can see the hips are the power source.
Kindal at the top of the single kettlebell swing. She is fully straight up and locked out.

If you need a complete breakdown of the kettlebell swing, read my post about how to do the kettlebell swing .

Here is the breakdown for this workout.

Step 1

You're only using one arm to swing the kettlebell.

Get into a balanced and fully loaded swing position. This is your strong hip hinge position.

Remember when you're in this position... the arm that is not holding the kettlebell swing back with the swing motion. This arm still mimics the full swing even though it's not holding the kettlebell.

Step 2

Fire hard from your hips and get the kettlebell moving.

Remember to NOT have your arm relaxed. You want your shoulder engaged - packed - into the socket with a slight bend in your elbow.

Get the kettlebell to chest height so your body is straight up and fully locked out.

Tap the kettlebell with your non-kettlebell arm and return to the loaded position.

Clean And Lunge Transition

Kindal in the last kettlebell swing loaded position which will lead directly into the clean and the lunge.
Kindal pulling on the kettlebell by keeping her elbow close to her body and redirecting the kettlebell straight up.
Kindal in the racked kettlebell position so she can go straight into the lunge and press.

On your last kettlebell swing... you'll return to the loaded position and rather than put the weight down...

Immediately clean the kettlebell to rack position.

If you need help with cleaning the kettlebell... read how to master the kettlebell clean post .

Lunge back so you're now in a kneeling position.

It really helps if you have a soft mat for the knee that's on the ground. Protect yourself whenever you have bone resting on the ground.

Kneeling Kettlebell Presses

Kindal from the racked position she goes straight back into a reverse lunge.
Kindal once in the lunge position keeps her core braced and presses the kettlebell overhead fully extending up.

Kneeling kettlebell presses are a great pressing exercise because when you're in the kneeling position... it makes it much harder to use momentum from your legs to "boost" the weight up.

You can still "boost" a little bit but this becomes a lot less effective... and you're forced into a more strict kettlebell press.

Step 1

Squeeze the handle of the kettlebell as you rotate your arm out... like a door.

As you rotate your arm out... at the same time... press the kettlebell straight up to the sky.

The palm of your hand start pointing across your body.

Step 2

As you press the kettlebell straight up... the palm of your hand will face forward.

Make sure you fully extend the kettlebell up... pressing through your shoulder joint.

As you bring the weight back down... bring it down with control so it's not "dropping".

You only have 2 reps to complete. And because you're going for speed... don't let you hips sink so you can get momentum for the next press.

Keep these strict presses. Squeezing the handle will help keep your arm and shoulder engaged so you can rely on your strength.

intensity tip

Keep in mind since we're going straight from swings to presses... it's the presses that will dictate the weight you choose.

This is why I made the presses 2 reps.

I'm hoping you can choose a challenging enough weight for the presses that you still get your heart rate ramped up during the swings.


Kindal in the tucked burpee position ready to jump back into her pushup.
Kindal jumping back into the top of the pushup before she very quickly goes down into the pushup.
Kindal at the bottom of the pushup. Notice her straight body and higher hips. She is in perfect position to pushup with power so she can jump.
Kindal jumps back into the tucked position so she can fire up into the burpee jump.
Kindal fires from the bottom of the tucked burpee position. She is jumping up but remember you do not have to jump up if you don't like jumping.

I love burpees. They are a great go-to exercise when you need to add in some strength based cardio.

After I explain how to do them... I'll link so some of our great burpee posts.

Step 1

Get your hands down on the ground so you're in a tucked position.

You can keep your hips high or bring them to the ground. If you bring them to the ground... you will get a little more thigh burn.

Step 2

Jump back so you're in the top of a pushup plank.

You will immediately do a pushup and you get bonus points if you fall into the pushup as your jumping back into the plank position. This is an advanced move.

Remember, if you can't do a floor pushup ... you can do the burpee off a box so when it comes to the pushup... you're doing a box pushup .

A solid pushup is a vital part of a good burpee rep.

Step 3

As your coming back up from your pushup... jump your feet back in so you're in that tuck position.

Get your feet as close to your hands as possible.

Remember, if you want more of a thigh burn jump into a full tucked position.

If you want more speed... jump in and keep your hips higher.

Step 4

From your tucked position... jump into the sky and reach your arms up high.

Because most women don't know how to properly jump... you DO NOT have to jump. You can just stand up and put your arms in the sky to complete the rep.

Immediately get back down into your next rep.

Remember to keep breathing!

Checkout some of these fun burpee posts if you love burpees as much as me!

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    Burpee Down 5 Minute Fit Finisher

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    32 burpee variations

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    10 burpees on the minute every minute fitness challenge

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Go get Swing to Press DONE!

I can't wait to hear about the workout and how you did. Leave a comment on the YouTube video so we can connect.

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Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

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