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Doubled Up Double Kettlebell Circuit

I don't do enough double kettlebells.

I guess because most of the women I train in Fit Women's Weekly don't have two kettlebells of the same size.

Though I will say... you don't need your kettlebells to be the same weight.

Having two different sizes can actually help accelerate your results.

But let's get into this workout because it's hardcore and you'll be pushed to the edge!

Doubled Up Circuit Breakdown

Here's the circuit:

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    12 Double racked step ups

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    12 Double swings

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    12 L sit raises

It's a simple AMRAP... as many rounds as possible.

Don't let this fool you... this is a brutal combination of exercises. And if I had to guess you've probably never done L site raises before.

So it's time to change that.

big idea

Typically you do double kettlebell exercises with two weights that are the same weight.

But you don't NEED to. As long as they are within one kettlebell weight either up for down... you can use two different weights.

Many times, I prefer the challenge of two different weights.

Put the more challenging weight into your weak side and let that imbalance start to create a more balanced body.

Don't be afraid to try it with this workout.

Dan got into his 4 round... I think he said he got the steps up done.

I got into my 4th round... I too got the step ups done.

We typically don't match up like this. It makes me wonder... did I push hard enough? 🤣

Let's breakdown these exercises so you can rock out this workout with me.

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

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Doubled Up Exercise Breakdown

Double Racked Step Ups

Kindal in the starting position for step ups with core engaged and she is squeezing the handles.
Kindal steps both feet up to the both and stays engaged working on really good posture.
Kindal legs her initial leg down to tap the ground and against focused on good posture and muscle engagement.
Kindal steps back up to the both with her first leg before she will step down with her second leg.

Step 1

Get your kettlebells into rack position. This required the double clean... but you can read about the kettlebell clean breakdown here .

Once you're in rack... pull your shoulder blades together a little to help you posture.

Pull your core in and stand tall.

Start with one leg on the box or step (whichever you're using).

Step 2

Squeeze the handle of the kettlebells. This will help brace your upper body so the weight does not pull your posture down.

Press hard into your foot and step all the way up so both feet are on the box.

Step 3

Take your opposite foot off the box and tap it down on the ground.

Step that same let immediately back up to the box so both feet are back up on the box.

Remember to keep your shoulders pulled back and keep your posture standing tall.

Step 4

Now you will repeat at a good pace.

Take your opposite leg... step it down to the ground... tap the ground... step it back up.

Keep repeating as this is the best method to simulate climbing a hill or steps.

Focus on posture and breathing as you continue your climb.

Double Kettlebell Swings

Kindal in the double kettlebell loaded position keeping balanced and pushing her hips back.
Kindal firing from the hips with good balance. Notice how she initially leans back to counter the weights going out fast.
Kindal fully locked out at the top of the swing with the kettlebells at chest height.

Read about how to do kettlebell swings in detail . Even though this is mainly about single swings... the fundamentals are the same.

Then read about how many kettlebell swings you should do per day so you can get really good at this amazing exercise.

Step 1

Get the kettlebells into a strong loaded (power) position.

When you use two kettlebells... you will have to take a wider stance to make room for the bells. This is normal.

I actually tell my clients to go wider than normal so they can feel it out. Go wider and if it doesn't feel right you can narrow your stance a little.

Make sure you stay balanced over your feet and in a good hip hinge position.

Step 2

Fire hard from your hips to get the kettlebells moving.

With two bells... remember to focus on your balance over your feet. Balance is always key... but make it a focus with double swings.

It's important as you come to the top of the double swing... you keep your shoulders packed... but also your shoulders rotate freely.

form tip

One of the issues I fall into with my swings is keeping my shoulders too packed and they end up getting locked to my sides.

At the top of your swings your arms should be slightly bent but your arms will rotate from your shoulders so they get to chest height.

Workout with me and you'll see Dan correct me!

L Sit Leg Raises

Kindal at the bottom or relaxed position of the L Sit leg lifts. Her legs are straight and her arms are reached as far forward as possible.
Kindal at the top of L Sit leg lifts keeping her legs locked out and pulling them as high as possible. She also keeps her hands on the ground and engaged.

It's likely your thighs are going to cramp up a little when you do these.

As you get stronger and work on these... your thighs will get stronger and use to exercise and the cramping will stop.

Step 1

Sit on your butt with your legs straight out in front of you... just like you were going to tough your toes.

Straighten your arms reach your hands as fare forward as you can with your hands on the ground... finger tips only.

Try to get them next to your knees.

Work hard to keep your upper body as tall as you can... try HARD not to lean back.

Step 2

Lift your feet as high as you can while keeping your legs straight... nearly locked out.

You're going to feel an intense crunch in your abs.

You're going to feel an intense contraction in your quads.

Once you get as high as you can... lower down and keep rocking out the reps.

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

have your

results stopped?

and now you're...

stuck in a

workout rut?

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Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

not getting results? and now you're stuck in a workout rut?

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