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Fit Finisher - Kettlebell Clean Arteries Workout

I love "tiny" yet tough kettlebell workouts.

How can only two exercises be so insanely hard?

You're about to find out.

When I explain the workout... I'll link to another workout that is very similar in the sense it's "tiny" and tough with only 3 exercises.

Let's just get straight into this one so you can sweat with me!

Kettlebell Clean Arteries Workout Breakdown

Here are the two exercises that make up this workout:

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    8 Cleans

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    8 Snatches

Start on your weak side and do your 8 [kettlebell cleans](/post) and then go straight into your [kettlebell snatches](/post)...

Then to get the kettlebell to the other side you will transition with a sling shot.

I guess you can say the sling shot is the third exercise... but it's really just used as a fancy and tougher way to transition the kettlebell.

You'll learn about sling shots in my Kettlebell Clinic... It's free. You should create an account and learn how to do kettlebells the right way.

Back to the circuit... just to recap:

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    8 cleans

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    Straight to 8 snatches

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    Sling shot to transition

  • Bullet point

    8 cleans

  • Bullet point

    Straight to 8 snatches

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    Sling shot to transition

Rinse and repeat!

Keep in mind... the snatch is going to dictate the weight you'll use. You should be able to go heavier with the clean.

However... the goal is to NOT put the kettlebell down.

Workout Goal

Set the timer for 5 minutes and keep cycling through the sequence.

When you need to rest or put the kettlebell down... do it.

Your goal is to put the kettlebell down as few times as possible.

It's hard to count the total number of "rounds"... but if you can do that too... that is great.

I did not put the kettlebell down one time.

Dan put it down about 6 times he said 🤣

Let's breakdown these two exercises.

Kettlebell Clean Arteries Exercise Breakdown

Kettlebell Cleans

Kindal in the loaded position of the kettlebell clean.
Kindal keeps the elbow close to her body to redirect is straight up and back towards her body for the rack.
Kindal getting the kettlebell into rack position with control before starting the next rep.

Step 1

Get the kettlebell into a strong loaded position.

For cleans you don't necessarily have to get into a deep hip hinge. It all depends on the weight.

Just remember to really pop with your hips to produce the power.

Step 2

Fire from your hips and as the kettlebell comes through your legs pull up on the kettlebell and keep your elbow close to your body.

This redirects the kettlebell up so you can punch around it and get the bell in rack with control and no flopping.

form tip

Flopping is when you don't "punch" around the kettlebell and rather let the bell "flop" over your hand.

When you flop the bell it will hit your wrist hard and you'll know.

When you learn to punch and control the bell... you'll know because it comes to rest on your wrist with no hard knocks or pain.

This is a good reason to join the Kettlebell Clinic so you can learn this technique the right way.

Step 3

Once in rack... "throw" the kettlebell off your chest so it swings back into the loaded position.

You want to avoid just dropping the kettlebell and losing the momentum of having the bell swing.

Kettlebell Snatch

Kindal in the loaded position of the kettlebell snatch. She is getting ready to fire the kettlebell forward.
Kindal keeping her elbow close to her body and redirecting the kettlebell straight up to get it over her head.
Kindal in the kettlebell punch around where she is actively taking control of the kettlebell to get it over her head.
Kindal pressing the kettlebell straight up and over her head fully extending it up before she come back down for the next rep.

Step 1

Get the kettlebell into a strong loaded position.

Make sure your non-kettlebell arm swings back behind you to mimic the movement and ensure you build momentum.

Of course keep great balance over your entire feet. Don't get too far forward or far back.

Step 2

From a deep hip hinge (loaded position) fire your hips and get that kettlebell moving.

As the kettlebell passes through your hips give it a tug up by keeping your elbow close.

Your elbow won't be as close to your body compared to the clean... but the idea is the same... you want to redirect the weight up and keep it from going out.

Step 3

The tug should create enough momentum to have the kettlebell float up...

And as it get's to your neck level... you'll punch around the kettlebell so it rests gently on your wrist and you can push/press it up above your head.

Make sure to fully extend your arm up as well. Try not to get lazy and not fully get your arm up and next to your head.

Also... at the top your butt is squeezed and your legs are fully locked out.

Step 4

To get the kettlebell back into a loaded position...

You can go straight down from the top. This takes a little experience, but it's much faster. They key is good balance over your feet and slightly bent knees.

Or you can bring the kettlebell to rack first and then get it to loaded from there.

The Sling Shot

Kindal going from rack position to pushing the kettlebell off her so it goes between her legs.
The kettlebell is coming down straight to go through her legs straight on... no angles.
The kettlebell passes straight through the legs and Kindal squats slightly so help create space for the pass.
Kindal passes the kettlebell to the other arm keeping the swinging momentum going.
Kindal stands up with power getting the kettlebell moving around her body with some speed.
Kindal catches the kettlebell at her shoulder where she can now to into the next set of cleans and snatches.

This can be used as an exercise... but in this case it's a smooth and fun transition to get the kettlebell to the other side of your body.

Step 1

Whether your doing the clean or the snatch... let the kettlebell fall down through the middle of your legs.

It's vital you go straight through the middle of your legs. You'll feel like you need to keep it close to the leg your rotating around... but be careful!

I have hit my knee many times doing this. Go straight through your legs!

Step 2

You'll need to squat down a little. This will give you the room you need to reach your other hand behind you and make the kettlebell pass.

The pass is very tough and it will take practice.

form tip

The pass... to make the pass easier... hold the kettlebell handle towards the outside of the handle. You can also call this the corner.

This will leave a good section of the handle wide open for your other hand to grab.

Again... this is going to take practice. Be careful you don't drop the bell and have it bounce and hit your ankles.

Practice light.

Step 3

Once you make the pass... stand up out of your mini squat with some power.

It's similar to a swing in that you're generating some power and momentum. The kettlebell will swing around your body and diagonally across the front of your body.

You're going to catch it at your opposite shoulder with palm of your empty hand.

Then just toss is off and go into the next set of cleans.

Watch the video and you'll see the flow. If you have questions... [let me know in the comments](/youtube-link).

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What a workout!

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Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

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