Kindal doing a kneeling windmill which is a total body exercise and it's nearly zero impact.

Is Kettlebell Training Low Impact?

Yes it's low impact.

On your legs and feet.

Not to much on your arms. I'll explain in a 20 seconds.

For nearly every kettlebell exercise. You keep your feet glued to the ground. Practically zero jumping.

Think about all of these kettlebell exercises:

Plus so many more.

There are some jumping exercises like:

  • Dynamic deadlift hops

But that's the only exercise I can think of where you jump with a weight. I think I've done lunge jumps... but with a really light weight.

Now... let's talk about impact on your arms. When you're learning kettlebells... you'll experience some pounding on your wrists as you learn to:

  • Clean
  • Snatch
  • And just handle the kettlebell

Banging up your wrists is part of learning kettlebells. The good news is... it only lasts a couple weeks. You'll get used to it quickly.

As far as kettlebell training being low impact for joints or because you're working out in your home or apartment...

You'll love kettlebells!

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