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Kettlebell Total Body Circuit - A Little Something

I fell on my butt more than I liked.

But now I know what I need to work on.

Are you ready to discover something about yourself with this workout?

This is a total body workout with a great mobility challenge.

Let's get into it.

A Little Something Circuit Breakdown

Here's the circuit:

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    8 Squats

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    4 Overhead prisoner squats

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    8 Plank up downs

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    1 Heavy snatches alternate (increase by one rep each round - alternating)

Here's how the workout goes...

It's an AMRAP... as many rounds as possible... but with a small twist.

The heavy kettlebell snatches will increase by 1 rep reach round.

And you'll alternate sides for each rep... always start on your weak arm.

The only other twist are the pistol squat kick outs.

Be careful with these... this is a mobility exercise. Listen to your body and don't hurt yourself.

When I break it down... I'll show you a modification that will help make this much easier.

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Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

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A Little Something Exercise Breakdown

Play With Your Squats

Kindal choose to do a goblet squat and she is set up with a good stance and her core is tight ready to squat down.
Kindal at the bottom of the goblet squat with her knees pushing out and her balance is really good. Her core is tight and her torso is tall.

You can play with the squats... choose a challenging variation for you.

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    Want to do kettlebell racked squats? Go for it!

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    Want to do racked squat always on the weak side? Great idea!

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    Want to do dumbbell goblet squats? Nothing is stopping you.

Choose a squat method that will challenge you... and remember to checkout my post about [how to hold a dumbbell for goblet squats](/post).

Step 1

Get into a good stance... if you don't know you're ideal stance width... start with shoulder width.

Twist your feet (slightly) into the ground. This will turn your leg muscles on so they're ready to lift a load. Plus this increases your legs control over the movement.

Make sure you don't let your feet twist out... but still twist INTO the ground.

Step 2

Squat down and let the twist from your feet push your knees out so they line up to the outside of your feet.

For this workout... try and squat down a little below parallel.

Bring your core in and keep your torso tall.

Step 3

Drive out from the bottom of the squat with some power.

And immediately drop back down into the next squat... Remember... the focus of a great squat is balance and getting rid of momentum.

If you stay in good balance... for the most part... your squat will be really good.

Overhead Prisoner Squats

Plank Up Downs

Kindal at the top of the pushup plank with her core engaged and legs engaged ready to go down in the plank up down.
Kindal getting one arm down on the mat and keeping her core tight and hips high so they don't fall down.
Kindal now at the bottom of the prisoner squat which is a forearm plank with her core engaged and tight.
Kindal starting back up by getting her palm on the ground ready to push in hard and still engaging her body fully.
Kindal pushing and getting back into the top of a pushup plank completing the rep.

Step 1

Get into a top of pushup plank.

Make sure your shoulders are slightly past your hands. Don't lean back.

Lock (squeeze) your legs out and pull your core in so it's fully engaged.

Step 2

Take your weak arm first and place your elbow right where your hand was located.

Then take your strong arm and place your elbow right where your hand was located.

You are now in a forearm plank.

It's key that your hands and elbows trade the exact same space.

It's very common for women to move back and let their butt go high. Don't do this!

From here just alternate up and down.

One rep is down and up.

Overhead Prisoner Squats

Kindal actively pressing the kettlebell overhead actively ready to step back.
Kindal stepping back to one knee keeping her core engaged and still reaching the kettlebell overhead.
Kindal down on both knees still reaching the kettlebell up and holding her core in tight.
Kindal stepping out and notice how her back toes are tucked so she can press in and get a strong step up.
Kindal standing back up and pressing the kettlebell high still holding her core in tight with good posture.

Go light if this is the first time doing this exercise.

It can be tough and feel strange when you're holding that kettlebell over your head and not looking at it as you move.

Learn the details of the prisoner squat:

Step 1

Get your kettlebell over your head and as you probably know by now... let's start with the weak side.

Don't look at the kettlebell. You're going to have to feel your balance with this exercise... but make sure you're actively pressing the kettlebell high into the sky.

Step 2

Step back with the same leg as the side you're pressing the kettlebell over your head.

It actually does not matter too much which leg you start with... I want you alternating legs as you get through your reps.

You should be on one knee.

Now step the other leg back so you're on both knees.

Step 3

Brace your core to help with good posture because getting up is the hardest part.

Take the foot you just brought back... back out front. Plant your foot in the ground hard.

Press in.

At the same time... make sure your back toes on the other leg are tucked so you can use them to help create some push.

Step all the way up so you're now back to standing.

The keys to this exercise is:

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    Keeping your core braced the entire time

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    Pressing the kettlebell up actively

  • Bullet point

    Tucking your back toes so you can get some push to help you up

HEAVY Kettlebell Snatches

Kindal in the fully loaded power position and she is keeping really good balance over her feet and s
Kindal tugged up on the kettlebell and she is getting ready to punch around the kettlebell.
Kindal taking control of the kettlebell and punching around it so it lands softly on her arm with control.
Kindal pressing the kettlebell tall into the sky at the top of the kettlebell snatch.

If you can't go heavy or you're nervous... just do your "normal" weight.

If you want the detail by detail breakdown, read my full kettlebell snatch post .

Step 1

Get the kettlebell in a fully loaded position. This is your strong... balanced... hip hinge position.

Make sure you're balanced on your feet and your knees are slightly bent.

The arm that is not holding the weight swings back to help you get into a better hip hinge and to help build up momentum.

Step 2

Fire from your hips hard to get the kettlebell moving... but don't pull it from your arm.

As the kettlebell moves through your legs... you should be nearly standing up.

Your arm that is not holding onto the weight is swinging forward following the kettlebell arm. This is bring explosive momentum forward.

As the kettlebell passes through your legs... pull up on it hard to redirect it's path straight up.

Step 3

The kettlebell should be nearly weightless here... moving up.

As it passes past your chest to about your neck level... actively punch around the kettlebell so you can direct it over your head to a full pressed position.

This is an active punch around the bell. You're not letting it flop over your hard.

Make sure at the top your pressing through your shoulder and extending the weight up.

Step 4

From the top...

  • Bullet point

    If you're experienced... you can let it fall down straight into the loaded position

  • Bullet point

    If you're new to this move... bring the bell to rack first and then get it in the loaded position

Now you're ready to push hard into your next snatch rep.

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

have your

results stopped?

and now you're...

stuck in a

workout rut?

Get daily workouts for 14 days
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But first things first...

Go get A Little Something DONE... and then message me on social and tell me how it went.

My social accounts are below. Let's get fit... strong... and have some fun!

Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

not getting results? and now you're stuck in a workout rut?

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