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Podcast Ep. 321: 4 Training Necessities To Get Stronger

Podcast Notes:

1. Workout of The Week:

This week's workout is an insane HIIT challenge.

For time:

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    100 Lateral burpees over a dumbbell

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    Every 75s, stop to complete 4 alt. dumbbell snatches before continuing burpees.

The workout starts with snatches.

Check out the workout run through on my Instagram .

Weight used?

I used a 40lb dumbbell but use what you have/what you're able to maintain good form with.

2. Make Fitness Fun

How often do you use your fitness for pure fun?

Take your strength, endurance, and health outside the gym to have recess.

Play basketball, go hiking, try rollerblading, etc.

Over the weekend, I went to my niece's birthday party at a gymnastic's gym.

Instead of sitting on the sidelines with the other adults...

Dan and I signed liability forms and played. We hung from the rings, walked on the balance beams, practiced handstands, swung on the bars, and more.

We had a blast and it reminded me:

What we do in the gym allows us to live a fun life outside the gym.

Use your fitness and play as often as you can!

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3. Four Training Tactics Required To Get Stronger

Over the past two months, I've hit strength PRs.

For some, like the deadlift, this is the first PR in 5 years!

What's changed? And what can you do to hit your own personal bests?

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    Fuel. I stopped forcing my body to stay a certain weight and allowed it to go to it's natural set point, 5 pounds heavier. Those five pounds made a huge difference in how I feel and move.

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    Consistency. Results only come from consistent work. Don't rely on motivation and instead rely on self determination.

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    Progressive Overload. Progressively make workouts harder and harder. Either through the weight lifted, reps accumulated, sets done, or time under tension.

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    Accessory Work. Spend time working on isolated muscles and skills. If you want to get a pull-up, work on pull-up drills multiple times per week. Want to improve your deadlift? Try adding bands into workouts to strengthen the posterior chain (glutes and hamstrings).

4. How To Get Enough Protein Without Always Tracking

If you don't track, you have no idea what you're getting.

But that doesn't mean you have to track every bite you take or that you have to track forever.

Loosely track your food for a week to see if you're taking in the recommended amount of protein for your body.

I say loosely because of protein is the only macro you're interested in, for ease, just track the big protein sources you take in each day.

After that time, you should be able to see a trend to get an idea of what your meals need to look like to hit protein.

You shouldn't need to track unless you want to.

big idea

Curious how much protein you need?

If you're working out consistently, it's recommended women get between 0.8-1.0 g/lb.

So a 100 lb person (easy math number) would aim for 80-100g/day.

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