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Podcast Ep. 323: How To Do Kettlebell Swings That Don't Hurt Your Back?

Podcast Notes

1. Workout Of The Week:

This week's workout is inspired from Crossfitter Tia-Clair Toomey's programming company, PRVN.

I love testing other people's workouts from time to time for fresh ideas but to also see/feel what they're doing.

This was TOUGH but in a weird

Lord Voldemort

  • 400 m Run Buy In
  • 22-16-10 Snatches/Arm
  • 64-48-30 Double Unders

Quick Note: PRVN programmed double DB snatches, but I did single snatches due to what I had available. I completed the reps on BOTH sides with a 40-lb dumbbell.

Watch the demo here on my Insta.

If you do it, let me know!

If Kettlebell Swings Hurt Your Lower Back, Try This:

If doing kettlebell swings causes pain in your lower back, there are 4 things that could be going on.

To figure out which of the 4, set up your phone and film yourself swinging.

Then, go down this list and see if any match the footage.

  1. Not packing the shoulders. Meaning your shoulders aren't pulled back and down (via engaging your lats and pulling the shoulder blades back). If you don't do this step, shoulders will roll forward, making the upper back curl. A classic sign is where the kettlebell falls at the bottom of the swing. It should be CLOSE to your crotch versus the handle being near the knees.
  2. Hyper extension at the top of the swing. Make sure to stop when you're standing straight versus pulling with the arms/shoulders at the top to go beyond upright. This causes extra pressure at the lower back.
  3. Poor hamstring and glute firing to initiate. At the bottom of the swing, feet should be planted down with a little extra weight in the back so you can load the hamstrings. Fire the swing by squeeze the hammies and butt to drive your hips forward with power. If the swing is initiated by pulling with the shoulders, you can have pain.
  4. Tight muscles. Maybe your form looks awesome but your glutes and erector muscles are tight. Make sure to spend time during the week working on rolling (trigger ball therapy) and range of motion. The body works as a whole, so roll glutes, hamstrings, quads, lats... basically everything! Might clear up that pain fast!

Here's a short How To Swing video that can also help:

Do You Have Advice For Someone Trying To Lose Weight But Loses Momentum Easily?

Weight loss is frustrating. We want results faster than they come.

But they come if you stay consistent!

Here are a few tips to stay moving forward on your goals:

  1. Perfection doesn't exist so don't beat yourself up. You'll have days where you eat more and days you eat less. The magic happens overtime and as long as you are in a caloric deficit overall, you'll see results.
  2. Write down your goals and why. Why do you want to lose weight? If you just feel like you're supposed to lose weight, maybe it's time to stop focusing on it and give time to re-evaluate. If your why is powerful... remind yourself of it every day.
  3. Are you eating too little? If you're starving from eating too little, then you'll be miserable and give up quickly. A small deficit might take longer for results but makes it more sustainable for long term results.
  4. Have you been in a deficit for too long? If you've been cutting calories for more than 8-12 weeks, it's time for a refeed period! It's important for mental and metabolic health. For more on refeeds, check out Episode 313.
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How To Not Feel Like Garbage After Binging All Weekend?

It's easy to feel guilty but what's done is done. No use in being mad or disappointed.

Instead, ask why.

What causes binge habits?

  • Maybe you're restricting too much during the week. If so, allow more flexibility so you don't go into the weekend thinking, "FINALLY! I can eat all the stuff!"
  • Is it a way to deal with stress? Can you make a game plan to handle stress differently next time? Maybe make a promise to start going on walks, taking a bath, starting a book.
  • Are you bored? See above.
  • Is the food in your house? If so, keep bingy foods out of the kitchen. If you're craving sweets, grab a single cookie at a bakery instead of a box of cookies. Or a slice of cake instead of an entire cake. Think of ways you can minimize the availability of foods you tend to binge on.

How To Get Your Running Pace Down?

Love this question!

It was followed up with asking if sprints are the way to go.

  • Sprints are a fantastic way to build fitness but not necessarily for distance running. But it will develop leg strength for that finish line sprint!

For increasing paces for race distances, you have to run faster, not fastest:

  1. Tempo runs. Once a week, run a middle distance at a tough but doable pace. If your goal is to race a 5K, run a 3K at your race goal or a little faster.
  2. Fartleks. Unstructured running intervals. Run to a stop sign fast and hard, then jog to the next. Repeat for a set distance or time. This helps teach your legs to move faster between strides but also to keep pushing intensity through fatigue. Running faster is hard!
  3. Hills and Garages. I don't have hills so I run garages and wow, they made a HUGE difference when I was training for my last half marathon (and PR'd). The ups are fantastic at building muscle and the downs help with the fast turn over (and building hamstrings).

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