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Podcast Ep. 324: Is Ashwagandha The Gateway Drug To Adaptogens?

Podcast Notes

Workout Of The Week:

This week's workout is from a track session I did with my training group over the weekend.

Felt so good to be outside!

  • 1 Mile Run

Into 4 Rounds:

  • 10 Toes To Bar
  • 50 Step Ups


  • 1/2 Mile Run

Finish With 4 Rounds:

  • 10 Toes to Bar
  • 50 Lunges
  • 5 Burpee Pull-Ups

Show Notes

This episode features Kelly Broderick Lamie of A|Dash.

After dealing with postpartum depression, and hormone imbalances, Kelly decided to look beyond Western Medicine (which hadn't given her relief).

She began taking adaptogens, specifically Ashwagandha, and felt awesome improvements.

Kelly began diving deep into studying adaptogens and cordyceps which created a new passion.

From that passion A|Dash was created!

Cold brew coffee mixed with a full dose of Ashwagandha.

Specific Topics Covered In This Episode:

  • What Are Adaptogens? Adaptogens are herbal supplements that help the body manage stress on the neurological, endocrine and immune systems.
  • How do they work? They work at a molecular level to create balance in the hypothalamic, pituitary, and adrenal glands.
  • What are some other adaptogens besides Ashwagandha? Holy basil, Astragalus, and American ginseng.
  • What's the difference between adaptogens and cordyceps? Adaptogens are herbs and cordyceps are mushrooms.
  • How much should you take each day? And when? Generally for Ashwagandha, it's recommended to take 165-250 mg per day.
  • Make sure to consult your doctor before trying any new supplement.
  • And more!


Kelly was kind enough to surprise FWW Podcast listeners with a giveaway for free supply of A|Dash drinks!

  1. All you have to do is leave an iTunes review (5 stars please) from now until May 26th.
  2. A winner will be chosen on May 27th!

So get that review done today.

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