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Podcast Ep. 333: Bryna Shares Fitness Wasn't About Weight Loss

Workout Of The Week:

This week's workout is an intense 24 minute E2M (Every 2 Min) from Monday morning.

Holy mackerel, was it tough!

Or maybe it hard because it was Monday?

Do it and let me know.

Every 2 minutes for 3 full rounds (24 minutes total)

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    20 Pushups & 300m Run

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    16 Alt C + P & 40ft Bear Crawl

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    12 Alt Devils Press & 100m Run

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    4/4 Presses & 8 Fwd Burpees

Weight Used: 40lb

See the workout run through here .

Podcast Notes:

Introducing Fit With Friends

Over the next few weeks/months, I'm sharing conversations with friends and podcast listeners on the secrets to staying consistent with fitness.

They'll share what their initial drive was to start working out and how that purpose changed over time.

We all have different stories but I thought it would be fun to share stories of people we can relate to vs big fitness influencers.

Today kicks off the series with friend and client, Bryna.

Bryna's Story

Listen to the episode to get the entire story.

Bryna started training at our studio almost 6 years ago. She had just had her second baby.

After battling postpartum depression with her first baby, she wanted to be proactive with her mental health and knew exercise was a mood lifter and an opportunity to break away for an hour for "me time".

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    Note: No one should ever feel guilty for taking time for themselves. You deserve it and need it!

Strength training was new to Bryna and she was instantly drawn to the progress and realization that fitness doesn't mean running.

After a health battle due to a high stress job (causing her to lose her 20 pounds and handfuls of hair) and aiming to focus on everyone else but her, Bryna again turned to fitness once again for her mental health and self care.

Since then, her commitment to her health has stayed consistent.

When most people try to make time for their workouts, Bryna makes her life fit around her workouts. It's a non negotiable.

Listen in to learn more about her scheduling tricks and current plan to fit in workouts.

I LOVE this woman and I am so happy she made time to sit down and share her story.

This doesn't even cut the surface of our discussion, so make sure to listen in.

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