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Podcast Ep. 335: Tarrah's Journey To Finding Sobriety & Strength

Fit With Friends Series:

This is the 2nd episode in my new series, "Fit With Friends".

We are a reflection of the people we surround ourselves with. So in an effort to be influenced by amazing women, I want to introduce you to the strong women in my life that motivate me.

If you missed the 1st FWF episodes, check it out here .

Tarrah's Story

Tarrah has been a FWW Live member since January 2021.

Over the past 8 months, because she's been a super active member, we've become friends IRL. She even attended my last Live Your Fitness hiking retreat!

When Tarrah first started FWW Live, I remember her saying she wanted to cut back drinking to help her fitness goals and healthy body journey.

I hear this a lot, so didn't think much of it.

Fast forward to 54 days...

Tarrah openly announced she started her sobriety journey due to addiction.

And that's what she's talking about with me today, as well as other life changing decisions she's made over the past year:

  • Bullet point

    Opening her own flower shop in Rangely, CO called The Wild Flower .

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    Picking up a weight for the first time EVER to begin focusing on strength training.

Deciding To Get Sober

Tarrah had tried to get sober several times before. But it never stuck longer than a year.

So why this time? What's different?

Because it was 100% her choice.

She was tired of beating herself up saying, "tomorrow, I'll try again."

Then waking up feeling guilty because that didn't happen.

Tarrah decided it was time for help and to understand the WHY behind her drinking in order to heal once and for all.

With the support of family and outside help, she's feeling better, stronger, healthier, and more in tuned to her body than ever before.

When I asked what was different, she answered:

"I always thought I wasn't an emotional person. Now I realize I was using alcohol to cover up my emotions. I'm more emotional than ever, but in a good way."

Support Systems Tarrah Used

Connect With Tarrah

Have a question or want to reach out to Tarrah?

Connect at Instagram .

Ever in Rangely, Colorado?

Drop into her adorable flower shop: The Wild Flower

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Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

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