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Podcast Ep. 336: It's Okay To Jiggle & Carpal Tunnel Tips

Workout Of The Week

This is one of the hardest bodyweight interval workouts I've done.

And now I'm challenging you to try it out.

See the full run through here on Instagram .

Every 3 Minutes X 3 Rounds:

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    5 Wall Walk Ups

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    10 Pushups

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    15 Squats

Straight Into 2 Minute AMRAP:

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    3 Burpee + Shuffles

Podcast Notes:

Inspiration Vs. Motivation

We often use these two words interchangeably but that needs to change depending on your goals.

I had to share this brain bomb...

During a recent episode of Talking Elite Fitness , the host (Tommy) recapped a convo with an athlete where the athlete corrected Tommy when he called him inspirational.

The athlete responded that he didn't want to be inspirational.

He wanted to be motivational.

He explained...

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    Inspiration gives good feelings but motivation drive people to take action.

I love this and think we can all learn from it. It's fine to be inspirational, but my goal is to motivate.

What's your take?

Can Strength Training Help Carpal Tunnel?

Yes and no.

There are some exercises and stretches that can help with wrists, arms and hands to relieve some pain but…

Lifting traditionally can sometimes cause more pain.

Of course, talk to a doctor or physical therapist. But here are some exercises focusing on carpal tunnel issues:

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    Shake it off.

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    Fist tight to open stop sign.

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    First tight to paper (paper, rock scissors).

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    Thumbs taps to each finger to make “O”.

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    Yoga Tune Up for myofascial release via The Roll Model (see below).

The book, The Roll Model , is a huge resource for me and I recommend it for EVERYONE! Grab the book and a set of the massage balls . Seriously, this book and the balls are life changing.

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Is It Okay To Not Want To Workout In Front Of Your Spouse?


You do you. If you're not able to get in the zone of your workout because you're distracted by your spouse... or if it's due to feeling self-conscious, that's okay.

And it's normal.

But what's also normal?


Most women (and men) have things move when they workout. And if that's keeping you from working out in front of people (significant other included), just do it.

Fake it till you make it.

The more you do it, the more normal it becomes.

But on the flip side, it's also totally fine to stay solo with workouts if that makes you push harder and workout without feelings of body shaming or confidence issues.

At the end of the day, you do what makes you feel best.

Meal Planning & Prepping

For the past 5 Sundays, I've been sharing photos on Insta of meal planning and prepping for the week.

That drove a lot of questions for this week's episode.

The recap...

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    It takes about 6-7 hours in the kitchen to make all the meals I show. They're meals for myself and a few friends.

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    Each weekend, I create my menu based on what I'm craving, foods I haven't made in a hot minutes, an array of flavors (Italian, Mexican, etc), and what ingredients are easy to get a hold of.

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    I also calculate how much of everything I need so nothing gets wasted. For example, if I am making 5 chicken dishes, each meal gets 5 oz of chicken. 5*5 = 25 oz. So I buy 25 oz. Same goes for all other protein sources I plan to use.

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    Then I put my earbuds in, turn on some podcasts, and go to town having fun being create for an entire day!

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