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Podcast Ep. 339: Low Weight High Reps Or Heavy Weight Low Reps?

Workout Of The Week

This week's workout challenge was a fun outdoor workout from my Train Like An Athlete session.

Work your way through the waterfall workout before moving to part 2.

Part 1: Stadiums

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    2 Stadiums*

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    10-9-8-7...1 Burpees

*One rep of stadiums is running to the top and running back down.

Don't have access to a stadium? Complete 20 step-ups or 40 lunge jumps instead.

Part 2: 5 Rounds

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    5 Burpees

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    100 yard sprint

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    20 Sit Ups

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    20 Leg Raises

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    Recovery walk/jog back to start

Show Notes

Summer Shred Strength Challenge

After 8 weeks of consistent hard workout, my FWW Live ladies are done with their Summer Shred Challenge.

To celebrate, we're holding a special virtual event, the Summer Shred Strength Challenge.

Wednesday night 6 workouts will be released to those participating.

They'll have until Sunday, Sept 5th to complete all workouts!

What do you need?

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    Tennis Ball

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    Jump Rope

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    35 lb weight (rx) or 20-25 lb weight (scaled)

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    1/2 mile route

That's it! Want to partake?

Podcast listeners are invited to join in for only $15.

You'll gain access to FWW Live and the challenge upon registration and until Monday (9/6).

To enter, just email me at [email protected] or DM me on Insta and we'll get you all set up!

Weights, Reps & Results

I recently received the question:

"What's the difference between training with low weight, high reps versus heavy weight, low reps?"

Great question!

The easy answer: It's a totally different stimulus for the body.

Low weight and high reps taps into the aerobic system working to build strength endurance. These are working the slow twitch muscles of the body.

While heavy weight and low reps focus more on the anaerobic system of the body through focusing on the fast twitch muscles.

Both are important for balanced training but if your goal is to build muscle and optimal strength, you'll get more out of the heavier reps.

Also for this reason...

To change muscles you have to challenge them through volume.

Let's do some math.

Volume = Total Reps x Weight

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    If you complete 3 sets of 10 reps at 30 lbs... that's a total of 30 reps.

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    30 reps x 30 lb = 900 lb of volume.

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    If you are using 10 pound weights in order to get the same 900 lb, you'd have to complete 90 reps!

That's inefficient on time but also a lot of wear and tear on the joints if you consistently do that many reps for training.

The big idea: You're better off lifting heavier!

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Seasons of Fitness

"Is it normal to have your fitness and your motivation change with the seasons?"


It also changes with what's going on in life.

You won't always want to focus on new goals and might find yourself simply struggling to maintain where you are.

That's okay.

You'll have times when you're motivated to do and learn a lot and times where just putting on a sports bra is a challenge.

Accept it and prepare.

For example...

I know in the winter, I hate workouts that don't warm me up quickly.

The chances of doing skill work like handstands, muscle ups, etc are slim. I don't like these moves when I'm cold.

So... I change my plans and often find myself more inspired to lift heavier and go into more "bro sessions" during the winter.

Plan Smart Eat Real

And finally, Plan Smart Eat Real kicks off Sept 20th.

Have you locked in your spot?

Let's quickly cover what you get...

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    A weekly meal plan. The meal plan will be uploaded each week to the nutrition group page each Friday before the new week begins. I’ll also give food prep tips to help prepare for a week of nutrition success.

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    Custom calculated macro nutrients and how to track your food. This is not for everyone. You do not have to track if weight loss is your goal, but some people thrive off numbers and accountability with having specifics. This gives you optimal calories and macros based on your personal goals.

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    Live weekly group chats to discuss important nutrition topics, check-ins, and question/answers. These are extremely important.

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    Grocery store tour. Prior to Covid, I hosted in person store tours. Since I can't do that, it's even better because I'll do a virtual tour of my shopping cart, share products you maybe didn't know about and share shopping tips via video. Plus, healthy finds in your favorite stores like Costco, Trader Joes, etc.

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    Continuous access. You’ll have 24/7 access to me and the other ladies via the nutrition facebook page. Out shopping and not sure which brand to go for? Snap a picture, post it up and I’ll respond as fast as possible!

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    Additional coaching guides. PDF guide of food substitutes. Craving pasta, but wanting to stick to your 8 week nutrition plan? (YES!) Just look at the guide for support. Also get my 1-Pot Wonder Cooking Guide. My secret to feeding my husband most nights of the week… a home cooked meal but only one dirty dish!

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    Video cooking demos and bonus coaching. Maybe it’s a video giving encouragement going into the weekend, or a guide showing my 3-minute trick for cooking spaghetti squash. So much good stuff to keep you excited and on track.

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    Check ins. Yes, you will be encouraged to weigh yourself once per week. Before the program begins, you’ll even commit yourself by signing a contract personally committing for the next 8 weeks. We will be checking in on live calls to see if your plan is working for you. If weight loss isn’t happening (and that’s your goal), I’ll take a look and make a few tweaks.

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    And more. This is about helping YOU hit your goals through expert coaching, supportive teamwork, and step by step guidance.

There's only room for 15 ladies, so grab your spot today.

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Workout With Me For FREE! Get a 14 Day Unlimited Class Pass!

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