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Podcast Ep. 340: My Story & Journey To Overcome Disordered Eating

Show Notes

This is one episode that I simply can't write out all the show notes.

Months ago, I shared my story of exercise addiction (Spotify link to ep. 273). How it started, how I recognized it, and how I still battle with it.

On that show, I said I would do another episode sharing my eating disorder story. Trying to do both in one podcast would be too emotional and too long for you and me.

The problem?

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    I pushed the 2nd topic off for over a year. A year and 4 months to be exact.

This was a hard episode to record. Harder to edit. And the hardest to hit publish.

If you're triggered by eating disorder talk, just skip this episode.

So why am I sharing this now?

Because I've been doing a lot of self reflection.

Working on my own confidence and also being more transparent with you so that I can be the best trainer and nutrition coach I can be.

I want listeners to know my story with the idea that I understand the struggles, the internal battles, and the self sabotage so many woman deal with. I've dealt with it for decades.

In the episode...

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    You'll learn more about my addictive personality.

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    My need to be in control.

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    As well as some personal stories of being broken down and belittled for the way I looked or acted by close friends/family.

This is not to diagnose or help provide treatment. This is my story.

But there's good news...

I broke free of my eating disorder. Yes, it's always in the back of my mind... but I fight it.

I don't let it control me.

I learned long ago I want to be healthy, strong, fit, and be an example.

I hope you enjoy my story.

If you'd like to ask questions or share your thoughts, feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me at [email protected].

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