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Podcast Ep. 348: How To Actually Track Calories & Macros... AND MORE!

Workout Of The Week:

Get ready for your legs and shoulders to burn!

Part 1: 90s On : 40s Rest

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    12 Ankle Tap Pushups*

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    Squat Lunges**

Goal: 150 Squat Lunges

How This Works:

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    Set a timer for 90s. In that time, complete 12 ankle tap pushups followed up with as many squat lunges as possible until the time is up.

Rest and repeat until you complete 150 total squat lunges.

*Ankle Tap Pushups:
Complete a pushup, on the way back up, bend the left leg so your foot comes towards your butt while reaching with the right hand to tap the foot. Alternate sides for the 12 reps.

**Squat Lunges:
Squat and immediately do a lunge, this is one rep.

Part 2: 90s On : 40s Rest

Goal: 50 Triple Thruster Burpees

Same idea as before just different exercises.

*Triple Thruster Burpees:
Jump back and complete a pushup. Then jump both feet to the outside of your right hand into a low squat. Jump back to plank. Jump feet to the left hand into a low squat and back to plank. Then jump into the middle and up to the sky like a normal burpee. See the full move here .

A low squat means trying to drop your butt to your feet.

Show Notes

How To Actually Track Calories and Macros?

If you're experimenting with tracking your food, here are a few tips to follow!

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    Use an app like My Fitness Pal . Just don't use their recommended calorie/macro suggestions. 99% of the time, they are far too low. Instead, talk to a nutrition coach to learn what's best for you.

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    You can change the macro and calorie settings in MTP by going to "More", then "Goals" and clicking "Calories, Carbs, Protein and Fat Goals".

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    For accurate information, track almost all food consumed. It's easy to avoid logging a bite of this or that, but those bites add up and it's helpful to see.

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    Measure food with a scale for most accurate portion sizes and data. I have a scale similar to this one from Amazon (affiliate link).

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    Most food is measured before cooking because cooking changes the hydration of food and therefore how much it weighs. If you cook first, just make sure to search in MFP for how you prepared it. I.e. "Baked chicken breast" or "Grilled Salmon".

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    Don't go crazy. Things like gum, mustard, electrolytes... don't stress out putting those in. I don't even put in lettuces because their nutrition info is so low.

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    Add alcohol and calorie drinks.

And finally, don't track as a lifestyle.

It's great for getting an idea of where you are with your nutrition or helping you to hit a goal for a set amount of weeks.

But tracking isn't something you should do for the long run.

Once you do it for a bit, you'll learn what 5 oz of chicken looks like or a cup of oats without feeling the need to plug it in.

How To Workout With An Injury?

Great question! And something I fortunately (or unfortunately) know a lot about.

It can feel defeating to be sidelined by an injury, but here's the thing...

Instead of thinking what you can't do, think about what you can do. As long as it's okay with your doctor.

For example, if you have a leg injury, start focusing more on upper body.

Even better, choose an exercise you want to get better at to give yourself a goal and purpose.

When I broke my leg, I turned my focus on getting better with pushups and pull-ups. It wasn't always exciting, but it felt like I was training for something.

Also, make sure you're setting yourself up for recovery. Your body is working hard to heal, so workouts shouldn't be crazy intense.

Movement is the goal to maintain fitness.

Make sure to increase protein during recovery. It makes a big difference!

You might want to drop calories since you can't move as much but because your body is working so hard, that might be counterintuitive.

Favorite Podcasts

Since I spend so much time in the kitchen, I've been listening to A LOT of podcasts.

Here are the one's I discussed in the show:

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    Dr Death: Miracle Man

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    Pursuing Health

Have something you think I should listen to? Shoot me an email or DM on Instagram .

I am always looking for more recommendations.

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