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Podcast Ep. 352: Everything You Need To Know About Half Marathon Training

Workout Of The Week

I can't believe I forgot to share a workout of the week!

Well, just because I didn't give one on the podcast, doesn't mean I can't share it here.

This workout was fast and super effective.

In less than 30 minutes, we worked our entire body with some heavy intensity.

4 Rounds:

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    10 Pull-ups

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    12 Alt DB Cleans

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    14 Double Racked DB Lunges

The goal is to go heavy. If you don't have weights that make these reps challenging, increase the reps.

And if you can't do pull-ups, do high pull rows instead.

What I used:

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    50 lb dumbbell for the cleans

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    2x50 lbs for the lunges... and oh wow was it tough!

If you do it, let me know... and it's okay if you need to modify!

Show Notes

When I asked for questions this week on Instagram , it was an overwhelming number of questions about half marathon training and tips.

That makes sense because I recently shared that I was starting to train for a half.

I can't tell you what number this is... my guess is that this is probably around my 8-10th half?

Just to say, I am not a running coach, but I love running and sharing my experiences. So that's what I am doing here to answer your questions.

Why Am I Running A Half?

Why not?

I love running and also love using my fitness to spend time with friends. So when one of them signed up and I was given the opportunity to join her, I decided to go for it.

Though I'll be honest, after years of trying for a particular PR (sub 1.45) and finally getting it in 2019 and I said I was hanging up my race shoes. My friends knew that was a lie. lol.

Also, I'm running because I can.

I already run 8-9 miles at a time, so my body is capable of it which I'm proud of! I try to stay in half marathon shape enough so that when these opportunities come up, I can say yes.

It might not be a PR race, and that's okay.... it will be fun!

How Many Days Do I Run For Training?

I don't add any additional running days during training to what I am already doing.

This is because my #1 priority is still my strength (which helps keep my body healthy for running) and I refuse to cut back on it.

I run 3 days a week.

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    Tuesday: 4-6 mile tempo run followed by 4-6 75 yard speed intervals.

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    Thursday: 8-9 miles at a comfortable pace followed by 4-6 speed intervals.

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    Saturday: 8 miles followed by Train Like An Athlete stadium workouts. This is my most intense running day! It's TOUGH and can include track repeats, stadium stairs, garage runs, etc... all after I already ran 8 miles.

The Saturday workout is what I used in my 2019 half. I contribute these workouts to helping me get my PR!

Running speed on tired legs builds serious strength.

I just make sure to follow it up with rest.

And yes, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I also do strength workouts for FWW Live .

What To Eat Before Race Day

I am a big believer in sticking to the basics. The week and especially the day before a big race, I keep things clean and simple.

Avoid new foods or foods that may upset your stomach, cause bloating, or make you feel meh.

The idea that you need a huge spaghetti meal is a lie.

Your body can only handle so many carbs at a time. Instead stick to a balanced meal of healthy protein and carbohydrate the day before and morning of the race.

A typical pre race dinner for me is chicken or salmon with sweet potatoes or rice and veggies.

The morning of, I love a bowl of oatmeal or a Bobo's pastry .

During a race, I used to eat Swedish fish every 45 minutes but now use dates and pretzel!

The Best Shoes

The best shoes are the ones that feel the best on your feet.

Everyone is different in their gait, stride, and foot physiology. I recommend going to a running store, like Fleet Feet, and having a proper fitting.

There is no one perfect shoe for everyone unfortunately.

I go into more details in the podcast, but I think it's also important that if you're not running on a treadmill, don't get on a treadmill for your shoe fitting.

Running on a treadmill is different than running on the ground!


And finally, medals.

This might be a controversial topic, but I am not fan of race medals.

I don't wear them or display them. To be honest, I have an entire box of medals in the back of our laundry room. At least that's where I think they are. Lol.


Because a race shirt and bib is great. It's a participation award and I'll gladly wear a good t-shirt.

But a medal... that's like giving everyone a trophy even if they didn't win.

And yes, I know people train hard and feel they deserve it.

BUT athletes that go to the Olympics train for YEARS, even decades and if they don't get in the top 3 spots...

They don't get a medal.

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    I'd love to hear... am I harsh or do you agree?

Did I leave anything out that you want to know about half marathon running?

Feel free to email me or DM!

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