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Podcast Ep. 356: Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Your Ability To Build Muscle?

Workout Of The Week

I actually remembered the workout of the week!

You need nothing but your body and if you have a pull-up bar, use it!

6 Minutes On The Timer:

  • 100 Squats

What's left AMRAP

  • 12 Burpees
  • 5 Pullups (or rows)

Rest 60s and repeat for 3 rounds total.

You can see a full demo on Instagram.

Show Notes

Does Wine Affect Muscle Toning & Growth?

Yup. Sure does.

Not just wine, but all alcohol.

Alcohol consumed on a consistent basis can lead to a lot of health issues, which I think we all know alcohol is toxic.

But what isn't talked about it its affect on muscle composition.

There are studies that show increased alcohol can lead to decrease muscle mass, something called alcohol myopathy.

And not just that...

If you're lifting weights regularly and trying to build strength and see better definition, then drinking can make it hard to see the results.

Regular alcohol decreases testosterone, protein synthesis and increases recovery time.

Does this mean you shouldn't drink?

That's up to you. But I do recommend keeping wine (or whatever you enjoy) to a minimum.

Do I drink?

Yup! I drink 1-3 glasses of wine/week. Like most people, I love a nice glass of wine on the weekend!

Should You Take BCAAs For Sore Muscles?

5 years ago, I would have said "Yes!".

But with more research, we know it's not necessary.

BCAAs or branch chained amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.

The thought was that by taking AAs post workout, recovery would speed up and you could have more intense workouts each week.

But the truth is...

  • If you're getting .8-1g/lb body weight of complete protein per day, BCAAs aren't doing anything additional.

You're better off just making sure to eat a healthy diet of high, complete protein.

Favorite Places For Home Fitness Equipment

Easy peasy... all of our stuff comes from 3 places:

All 3 have exceptional quality gear and decent prices.

Most of our studio equipment comes from Rogue because it's indisputably the best.

Unfortunately, fitness equipment (weights) are expensive, so make sure you're getting the best quality so you only have to buy it once!

How Do I Balance Everything (Friends, Family, Business, Hobbies)

The truth is, I'm terrible at balancing life right now due to the season we're in.

80-90% of my days are focused on work.

Between FWW Live , PSER , Meal Planning, and This Time Fitness... I just don't have the option to give to other areas.

I am lucky that my job includes my hobbies.

I've been cooking up a storm lately (which I love), creating and doing new workout programs, and talking to more guests for the podcast.

For me time, I refuse to give up my early morning runs and my Saturday mornings when I meet my girlfriends for a workout.

I struggle with this, because my family suffers.

I wish I could spend more time with my nieces and hopefully that season will come sooner than later!

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