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Podcast Ep. 358: 4 Training Tips To Get A 5K PR & Vaginal Prolapse Exercise Help!

Workout Of The Week

This was a doozy!

Today's workout included 2 x 16-min AMRAPS with 3-4 minutes of rest between each.

All you need is one dumbbell (I used a 40) to give this a go.

If you do it, let me know over on Instagram.


  • 4/4 Strict Press
  • 8/8 Squat Thrusters
  • 16 Burpees
  • 32 Deadlift High Pulls


  • 4/4 Chest Press
  • 16 Pullovers
  • 16 Pushup Pull Throughs
  • 32 Plank Thrusters

Here's a demo of the 2nd circuit.

If you like this workout, make sure to check out these two EMOM Workouts !

If you have questions, let me know.

Show Notes

Exercises To Avoid If You Have A Vaginal Prolapse?

Great question!

First, let's cover a few important facts...

What is a vaginal prolapse?

Prolapse refers to an organ that slips out of place.

Vaginal prolapses can occur due to pregnancy, delivery, hysterectomy, and intense exercise that puts pressure on the pelvic floor... just to name a few.

A prolapse can cause the uterus, colon, bladder or urethra to fall into the vaginal canal which of course, can lead to a host of issues.

If you feel you might be suffering from a prolapse, talk to your doctor!

As a personal trainer, here are a few exercises I recommend avoiding if suffering from a vaginal prolapse:

Exercises To Avoid With A Prolapse

  1. Heavy lifting
  2. Plyometrics (Jumping) exercises
  3. Running
  4. Intense workouts

Exercises Recommended With A Prolapse (if okay by your doctor)

  1. Pelvic floor exercises (bird dog, bridges, dead bugs, etc)
  2. Yoga
  3. Walking
  4. Light intensity workouts

How To Improve Your 5K Time

The only way to set a new PR is to work on speed.

It doesn't matter how many 5Ks you run or how often you run... if you're running at the same pace every time, you'll be stuck in a 5K plateau.

Break free of a 5K plateau by teaching your legs to move faster!

Here are 4 workouts that should be included in your weekly training!

4 5K PR Training Workouts

  1. Speed Workout. Think short but FAST runs followed with short rest. My favorite are 400m repeats with a 60-90s rest period.
  2. Tempo Runs. Running at a pace that is challenging and outside your comfort zone but is doable. If you have a goal to run a 24 min 5K, that would put you at around an 8 minute/mile. Start by running one mile at 8 mph, then slowing increase that distance each week.
  3. Distance Runs. Slow, steady and comfortable. This allows the body to build strength but also give you a chance to just enjoy the miles. Listen to a book or a special podcast (wink wink) and go run for either a certain length of time or miles.
  4. Strength Training. Stay fit and healthy by making sure you have a good strength program set in place! Plus it helps build powerful legs, stronger arms and core all important for being an explosive runner. You want to be able to sprint to the finish, right?

Stop Shoulding Yourself

Do you ever think of the things you should be doing?

"I should workout more."
"I should go to bed earlier."
"I should drink more water."

This list can go on and on.

The truth is, a lot of shoulds come from a place of comparison. If that's you, stop the shoulds.

But... if the shoulds are legitimate and important to you, start small and start taking action.

  • Instead of adding another workout day, start by adding 10 minutes on to your current workouts.
  • Instead of drinking a gallon of water, start by drinking a half gallon.

Start acting and immediately you get to stop shoulding!

Random Thoughts & Notes

Looking for a good book?

Check out DEEP Nutrition!

Deep Nutrition dives into the connection of genetics with the food you eat, your mother ate, and even what your grandmother ate. How does much does food affect not only our health, but even our beauty! (above is an affiliate link).

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