Kindal at the most popular position of the turkish get up. I think the get up is the single best kettlebell exercise.

What Is The Single Best Kettlebell Exercise

This is super tough to pick only one... but if I had no choice.

I'd choose the Turkish Get Up .

As I explain why... I'll do a heavy turkish get up so you can see why I think this is the single best kettlebell exercise.

Then I'll tell you... the close second... best kettlebell exercise.

First It's Total Body

Every major muscle group is used whether it's to hold the kettlebell (isometric strength) in specific positions...

Or moving through the exercise to get up and down (eccentric and concentric strength).

Second It Requires Coordination

During the get up... you have to look at the kettlebell nearly the entire time for stabiization.

This means you need coordination and good proprioception to know where and how your body is moving.

Third It Requires Mobility

You will be forced into positions... like when you have to bring your leg into your body so you can come up to the kneeling position.

This is tough. It requires mobility. You should strive to do workouts and exercises that force your body into new positions.

Finally It's Fun!

It's a fun exercise.

  • It's a really fun movement...
  • It looks really cool...
  • You can do fun variations to make it super hard...

Turkish get ups are my pick for the single best kettlebell exercise.

What Kettlebell Exercise Is a Close Second?

Kettlebell snatches!

Snatches require strength and lots of cardio. So when you want to get your heart rate up and work on your pure level of fitness... start knocking out kettlebell snatches.

I like to think of them as the burpee equivalent in the kettlebell world.

Tell me below what your one favorite kettlebell exercise is.

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