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Kindal Boyle

Who is Dan?

Where did Dan come from?

The great city of Philadelphia!

(Haha... like all Philly born… I have a great pride for that city! Go Eagles!)

I have been into athletics ever since I was young. And I was lucky to have an older brother who was serious about weight lifting.

He was a swimmer and trained A LOT!

I also had an advantage most people don’t get... (if you consider it an advantage)...

Around the age of 11 or 12, my Mom went back to school to become a dietitian.

So she would cook healthy and practice recipes on me.

And being around her instilled healthy eating in me.

Even through college... every year I seem to get a little more hardcore with how I eat.

So... eating healthy has always been easy for me.

Like I said... I lucked out from circumstance.

Why is exercise so important?

You and me are probably in a similar boat... life has not panned out the way you imagined it would.

I know for me...

In my late 20s I was hitting my financial goals, but then I had a setback and since then it’s been a challenge.

This is why exercise is so important to me.

I can’t imagine going through stressful times and not having exercise to help take a break... get away... feel some control over my world... or just to get aggression out.

When you’re out of shape, it just adds to the stress and makes you feel a little aweful about yourself.

I’m getting a little preachy...

But exercise makes you feel incredible. It gives you confidence to fuel you in other things you do in life.

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

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Do you even have bubble butt?

It’s easy in todays world... especially with social media... to get lost in the fakness of exercise.

In you were an alien and acquired a phone from a human... you would think being fit means have an abnormally huge butt with a waist so tiny it hardly fits your organs.

It’s really crazy to think how must the definition of attractiveness changes.

Even crazier, most of these images you see are FAKE!

What is exercise really about?

Being healthy

Just being healthy. Not only physically... but mentally.

Dan working on the code for Fit Women's Weekly

There are numerous studies that show how amazing exercise is for battling diseases... depression... stress... anxiety... for building confidence... for helping sleep.

Staying focused during work.

Everybody wants the silver bullet... the miracle cure. It's exercise and eating healthy.

It’s not having a huge ass... or being ripped because you’re dehydrated to the point of death.

It’s about being healthy.


Exercise is about longevity.

You won’t see me deadlifting 400 to 500 pounds... or barbell snatching 200 or anything crazy like that.

There are numerous studies showing deterioration going too hardcore deteriorates your body.

I’m no NFL athlete. I don’t get paid for my body to perform better than everybody else's.

Dan squatting with two kettlebells being intense but not crazy

So I train for longevity.

I want to be fit and move great even when I’m 80. I don’t want to be riddled with surgery and broken down like most athletes are when they are older.

To train for longevity you need...

Strength Training

Strength training is the most important style of exercise.

And I’m not talking about bodybuilding... or a split style routine of standing around... taking long breaks in between lifts.

I’m talking about bodyweight training... metabolic strength training with dumbbells and kettlebells.

Dan doing an lsit on the parallettes which is bodyweight training

Kettlebell training in particular is my favorite overall style.

But you have to push your strength because it’s what burns fat... building muscle... it’s responsible for doing all of the amazing science stuff in your body too.

Of course cardio is important as well.

But with our style of training at Fit Women’s Weekly, you get cardio and strength in one tight package.


You have to stretch and actively work on your muscle tissue to stay mobile.

It's just as important as strength training and eating healthy.

If you don’t focus on staying mobile in your joints and loose in your muscle tissue... you are in for a world of hurt.

  • Bullet point

    You know the feeling of having a joint that bothers you with constant pain?

  • Bullet point

    You know the feeling of waking up and being stiff?

  • Bullet point

    You even felt what it’s like to throw your back out?

Most of these issues can be fixed with a stretching routine and trigger ball thereapy... all things you'd an do on your own.

Dan using a trigger ball to roll out his shoulders and back

Plus once you’re mobile and feeling good in how your body can actually move... it makes getting more out of exercise easier.

When you have a routine of regular stretching and foam rolling, your body will...

  • Bullet point

    Loosen up and releave tension

  • Bullet point

    Restore natural muscle length

  • Bullet point

    Increase blood flow

  • Bullet point

    And you'll feel incredibly better


  • Bullet point

    You can suddenly lift heavier...

  • Bullet point

    Recovery faster...

  • Bullet point

    And see results quicker.

We will be focusing a lot on mobility in Fit Women’s Weekly.

Be Consistent

When it comes to exercise (or anything really)... you are consistent.

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    You’re either consistently working out...

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    Or you’re consistently NOT working out...

Set a precedence in your life to be consistent with exercise. It will pay you back a million fold and I promise you one thing.

Once you get consistent... and your fit... and you're seeing results...

I promise you will never look back and wish you didn’t do it.

big idea

Think about it. Have you ever in your entire life met somebody that told you...

"I really regret being fit and in shape. I wish I never started working out."


But how many times have you heard people wish they were in better shape?

All the time.

Get started and be consistent. You will not regret it.

Get consistent and use Fit Women’s Weekly to help you because that is one of our primary goals for you.

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

have your

results stopped?

and now you're...

stuck in a

workout rut?

Get daily workouts for 14 days
and break free
from your workout rut!
Send Me The Workouts!

My Future Goals

I hope Fit Women’s Weekly becomes a huge success so I can continue to help here and support Kindal.

I have lots of business goals...

I have lots of fitness goals I want to hit too... like doing a lot of future trail races and Spartan races.

Dan getting through a Spartan race in Blue Mountain PA

This post ended up being a little more about my manifesto of fitness. My beliefs.

If you made it this far down the page, I hope I made you think about things that are important when it comes to exercise.

Life should not revolved around exercise (unless you make your living doing it.)

But exercise help enhance your life and improve everything else you do.


Join Fit Women’s Weekly.

Kindal and I will help you hit your goals and give you all the tools you need to increase your chance you succeed.

Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

not getting results? and now you're stuck in a workout rut?

Get daily workouts for 14 days and break free from your workout rut!