3 Reps - 5 Minute Fit Finisher

If you've been following or doing our 5 Minute Fit Finishers... you know we don't do "maximal strength" often.

These workouts aren't even "maximal strength" per say... rather HEAVY.

The reason is... on the workout dangerous spectrum... going heavy is second only to jumping or plyometric workouts. But today I have a heavy 5 Minute Fit Finisher for you... a workout I think you'll enjoy seeing how you do.

big idea

When you lift HEAVY by yourself... be smart.

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    Don't go so heavy where you know you should be using a partner to spot you...

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    If you feel uncomfortable... stop and go lighter...

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    Use props to help you...

I'll explain the props (box or hard and large enough medicine ball) I'd use for this workout as we go through the exercises so keep reading.

If you have any questions ping me on my Instagram , YouTube , or Facebook and I'll help you out.

3 Reps - 5 Minute Fit Finisher

3 Reps Workout Breakdown

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    3 Heavy squats (double racked squats)

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    3 Heavy swings

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    3 Heavy double presses

Ab Circuit:

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    8 lemon squeezes

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    8 hollow rocks

  • Bullet point

    4 toes to sky

One Round = One full time through this circuit including the ab circuit.

Your Workout Goal

Get 3 full rounds in 5 minutes. Stop at 5 minutes... even if you have not achieved the 3 rounds yet.

You want to favor going heavy and still moving with a little bit of speed to complete the 3 rounds. I hope this makese sense.

There are only 3 reps because we're focused on going heavier.

When you're going through the ab circuit... focus HARD on crunching. I want your abs burning and then when you go heavy... I want you feeling your abs engage during the heavy reps.

This is by design. A lot of women tend to disengage their core during heavier exercises leading to small muscle tweak injuries. If you can feel your abs... you're more likely to engage them when you're doing the reps.

3 Reps - Exercise Breakdown

Heavy Squats

Kindal at the top of the heavy double kettlebell squats ready to brace up and go down to the bottom.
Kindal at the bottom of double kettlebell squats going really heavy and you can see how hard she is bracing because she is holding her breathe.

Go heavy... your style of heavy.

intensity tip

How do you find you're style of heavy?

It takes time. You need to practice with different weights. It really does help to have a partner who can help you incase you need it.

When I'm by myself... I like to start with a weight I know is not my heaviest. But it gets my body warmed up for heavier weights and my blood flowing.

During the workout, if I'm using kettlebells... I'll just go one kettlebell heavier. If I'm using double racked squats... I'll make one of the kettlebells a heaiver bell. Even if they are two different weights... it does not matter.

At the end of the workout, I can ask myself:

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    Could have gone heavier?

  • Bullet point

    If I when one weight heavier I would have gotten myself in trouble?

This is how you need to approach going heavy. Take it slow and over time you'll learn how to manage going heavy for you.

Using Squat Props To Help

Go grab a box or big medicine ball... something you can squat down to. Something strong enough where if you need to bail... you can sit down and carefullly put the weight or weights down.

I typically always use a box when I'm squatting heavy. Plus it gives you a good level to get down to... a level where you know you won't get stuck.

For most women, heavy squat will require using two kettlebells to get the weight heavy enough.

Heavy Kettlebell Swings

Kindal is in the loaded position of heavy kettlebell squats and in this case she is using double kettlebell squats.
Kindal is at the top of double heavy kettlebell swings and she is in a fully locked out position.

For most women... going heavy with swings will require double swings.

Double kettlebell swings are identical to single kettlebell swings with one exception... the width of your stance.

When using two kettlebells, you'll need to widen how far apart your feet are. This gives you more room which you'll need because of the extra kettlebells.

form tip

When you're doing heavy swings... balance is key. Good balance during swings really comes down to two things:

One... Your feet.

Focus hard on staying flat on your feet. This is important because I want you paying attention to where your weight is... too far forward closer to your toes or too far back closer to your heels?

It's important to be aware of your tendencies. For example, I tend to get too far forward when doing double swings.

Two... Your shoulders.

You want to focus on keeping your shoulders packed... but not too tight.

Most women loose control of a double swing when their shoulders are too loose which causes the kettlebells to pull you forward.

It's not as common... but some women hold their shoulders too tight into their body. This causes stiffness and tends to push hips further forward.

Learning double kettlebell swings takes practice. But once you get feel for holding two kettlebells... you'll find what works for you.

For this workout, since there are only 3 reps. I want you focused on pushing hard with your hips and fully locking out at the top of the swing.

Heavy Double Presses

Kindal is at the bottom or the start of heavy double presses braced and ready to push up hard.
Kindal is fully locked out and pressed at the top of the heavy double kettlebell presses.

I love heavy presses. They're very challenging not only for your shoulers and arms... but your core. We'll get into this.

Most of us have poor shoulder mobility and this lack of mobility causes our lower back to arch more so we can gain shoulder range of motion.

The good thing for this workout is we're only doing 3 reps... so this should not be too much of an issue.

However, listen to your low back as you press overhead. Work to keep your core pulled and slightly pull your shoulder blades together. This opens the chest and make it slightly easy to keep your arms perpendicular to the ground.

If you feel your low back arching or getting a little sore... drop in weight.

And like all heavy exercises... pay attention to your balance.

Lemon Squeezes

Kindal is in the hollow hold position before she crunches up into the full lemon squeeze.
Kindal is in the fully crunched position of the lemon squeeze and balancing on her butt.

There aren't many reps for these lemon squeezes so slow your pace down just a little bit.

And remember what I mentioned in the beginning of this post... focus hard on crunching your abs. I really want you to feel your abs as you get back into the heavy reps.

Step 1

Lay on your back in a hollow hold.

Your low back must be smashed into the ground. Your shoulders are off the ground and your feet are about 8 to 12 inches off the ground.

Step 2

Crunch your abs really hard as you bend your body and bring it together as if you're going to hug your legs.

Your legs are bent and you're balanceing on your butt.

Step 3

Return to the start position but make sure your crunching hard so you're shoulders and feet never hit the ground.

You can slow the pace of this exercise down by keeping momentum out of the exercise. Don't fling your body together and apart... rather control the movement.

Hollow Rocks

Kindal is in the full hollow hold position with her legs a little higher than normal ready to start rocking.
Kindal is at the bottom of the hollow rock with her feet close to the ground and her core is very tight.

This is a brutal ab exercise combination. Lemon squeezes into hollow rocks will make your abs burn like crazy.

Step 1

Start in a hollow hold position just like with the lemon squeeze.

Try to like your hips off the ground with this exercise to start.

Step 2

Lift your legs from 12 inches off the ground to about 24 inches. This will cause you to rock back a little.

Lightly toss your feet to the ground and rock forward.

One... keep your body tight so you actually rock on a slightly rounded spine. You want to bring out your inner rocking chair.

Two... as you rock forward you want to stop when your feet are about two inches from the ground.

You'll be balanceing on your butt and your body is tight.

Step 3

Rock back to your shoulders and repeat the rock forward.

It's okay to use some momentum from your legs as you rock forward. Just make sure you crunch extra hard and stop your feet short of touching the ground.

Hollow rocks burn like crazy!

Toes To Sky

This is Dan's favorite core exercise. And I'll admit it's a lot of fun.

This can be a tough exercise to complete if you don't have a mobile spine. I'll show you the modification below. Keep going...

Step 1

Lay on your back but this time... NOT in a hollow hold.

Your shoulders and head are on the ground. Your arms are on the ground flared out just a little bit.

Your legs are not on the ground. They are hovering about 8 inches off the ground. Even though your shoulders are on the ground... make sure you're engaging your abs with your low back pressing into the ground.

Step 2

Keep your legs straight as you bring them up as if you were doing a leg raise. Bring them all the way up to perpendicular to the floor.

This is where things start to change.

Step 3

As your legs get close to perpendicular to the floor (legs straight up and down) you will lift your hips off the ground and round your spine as you thrust your legs straight to the sky.

This is where you get that extra ab crunch. It's fun and it burns like crazy.

Step 4

Bring your hips back to the ground and lower your legs back down to 8 inches off the ground keeping your low back pressed into the ground.

Repeat and make this exercise look smooth.

Toes To Sky Modification

Kindal in a hollow hold ready to start the toes to sky and her core is insanely tight ready to round her spine.
Kindal at the top of the toes to sky and her hips are far off the floor with her toes going straight up to the sky.

Rolling on your spine can be difficult if you're really stiff... or if you've had a past injury.

Rather than toes to sky... let's do hollow leg raises instead.

Step 1

Get into a hollow hold position like we've mentioned for hollow rocks and lemon squeezes. It's the same starting position.

Step 2

Keep your hollow ab crunch... i.e. your shoulders crunching off the ground.

Keep your legs straight and lift your legs up so they are perpendicular to the ground. You do not have to lift your hips off the ground. Just crunch hard.

Step 3

Lower your legs with control. And make sure the entire time you're keeping your shoulders off the ground and when your legs are back at the beginning... remember you're not letting your feet hit the ground either.

Let me know if you have any questions about this exercise.

Go Take On 3 Reps And See How You Handle Going A Little Heavier

Go give 3 Reps a shot.

Remember what I was talking about when it comes to going heavy. I want you to be safe and smart. If you have ANY questions... message me on Instagram , YouTube , or Facebook .

I'll help you out.

This workout is about going heavy but I also don't want you taking the entire 5 minutes on the first round of 3 reps. Keep moving.

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Now go do 3 Reps and if you have questions go DM on social and I'll help you out.

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