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5 Minute Double Weight Strength Workout - Double Press

This is a really cool workout design.

I'm sure we've done it before... after all we have an insane amount of 5 minute workouts .

But still... it's so cool and a lot of fun.

It's like a race workout and with reps going down... but also increasing.

Let's get into this workout already!

5 Minute Strength Workout Double Burn Breakdown

Before we get too far... this is an advanced workout.

I want you to challenge yourself with heavier weights... but choose the weight that fits your strength level.

You will need two weights of similar size. You can use both dumbbells or kettlebells... or you can mix and match for a fun challenge.

As you know, I prefer kettlebells.

Here's the circuit:

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    5-4-3-2-1 Double Squat Cleans

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    4 Alt Clean and Press

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    1-2-3-4-5 Double Chest Press

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    4 ALT Rows

As you can see the double squat cleans and double chest presses have a changing rep schedule.

The double squat cleans start at 5 reps during the first round and drop by one rep each round.

The double chest presses start at only 1 rep during the first round and increase each round.

You will do 5 total rounds for time.

The workout goals are:

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    Complete the workout for time

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    Try to complete the workout in under 5 minutes

The second goal is challenging to accomplish and this is what makes this workout perfect for an assessment workout.

Let's break these exercises down.

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

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Double Burn Exercise Breakdown

Because I used kettlebells during this workout, I'm going to explain the exercises from the kettlebell perspective.

Using dumbbells is very similar. If you need help with the dumbbell variations... comment on the YouTube video and I'll make sure to help you out.

Double Squat Cleans

Kindal in the hike position about to get both kettlebells back so she can clean them up with the power of her hips.
Kindal gets both kettlebells back into a loaded power position ready to help the energy in her hips unleash on the kettlebells.
Kindal keeping her elbows close to her body so she can redirect the weights straight up to clean them into rack position.
Kindal in double rack position bracing her body to ready for the squat immediately.
Kindal at the bottom of the double weighted squat, staying tall, balanced and in great posture.

Okay this should - technically - be called Double Clean to Squat...

But for some reason, I've always called it Double Squat Cleans. So let's go with that.

Step 1

Get your weights in a racked position.

Then toss them off your chest and hinge into a balanced loaded position.

You will probably have to go a little wider with your stance since you're swinging/cleaning two weights instead of one.

Step 2

Fire from your hips to get the weights moving.

As they pass beyond your hips... coming through your legs... keep your elbows close to your body as you pull up on the weights.

This will redirect the weights up so you can clean them and get them back into a racked position.

Step 3

As you are getting the weights racked... Start to go down into your squat.

This is a very dynamic part of the exercise.

Make sure as you catch the weights... you twist your feet into the ground so you're in a solid squat position.

Engage and pull your core in too.

Step 4

Go down into your squat. For this workout... let's go to about parallel.

Brace hard as you change direction. The added weight may cause you to lose posture... so squeeze the handles pretty hard as well.

Finally... make sure you put some focus on your balance. Keep your weight over the entire foot... don't let it go too far forward or too far back.

Step 5

As you come to the top of the squat... right before you would lock your legs out...

Toss the weights off from rack and go straight into the next double clean.

This is a tough exercise that will challenge you. You'll have to manage good form... but also your breathing.

Alternating Clean and Press

Kindal in the hip hinge loaded position ready to unleash her hips to clean the kettlebell.
Kindal cleans the kettlebell into rack position where she is bracing already so she can press it overhead.
Kindal keeps really good posture and presses the kettlebell over her head fully extending through the shoulder and keeping good balance over her feet.

Step 1

Hike the kettlebell back into a loaded position.

Focus on keeping good balance through your feet as well as balancing the the depth of your hip hinge and the power you need to get the kettlebell cleaned.

Also, remember to swing your non-kettlebell arm back with the hip hinge.

Step 2

Fire from your hips (with the appropriate power) and as the kettlebell passes through your legs... pull up on it.

The pull will redirect the kettlebell straight up and toward your body so you can complete the clean.

It takes practice, but punch around the kettlebell (taking control) and you control the bell to a racked position.

Step 3

Press the kettlebell over your head.

Remember... start the press by laterally rotating your arm out as you also press up above your head.

The palms of your hands when in rack will be facing each other. At the top of the press... your palms will be facing forward.

Double Chest Press

Kindal at the bottom of the double floor press. Her elbows are close to her body and her back is flat on the floor.
Kindal at the top of the double weighted floor press. She is pressing all the way through her shoulders as they are off the ground and her low back is still on the ground.

I have a full breakdown of the double check press which is also called a double floor press ... go check that out to learn all the juicy secrets.

Let's go over the high level steps here.

Step 1

Lay on your back with knees bent and your feet flat on the floor.

You will need to get both weights up over your chest to start. This can be tricky if you're using weights that are relatively heavy.

Read my article above about the floor press. I go into detail about the different ways you can get your weights up and in position.

Step 2

Lower the weights with control. You don't want to use momentum and lose out on the eccentric benefit of lowing the weight... and you don't want to accidentally slam your elbows into the ground.

Make sure as you lower your weights, your elbows are 45 degrees in from your shoulder and spine lone... or closer to your body.

The pictures will help.

Step 3

Press the weights straight up and over your chest.

Work hard to extend fully through your shoulders so they come off the ground. Again the pictures will help visualize what I'm talking about.

You can also get a little extra from this exercise by squeezing your chest at the top. Just extend and bring the weight close together... even making them "clank" at the top.

Then just repeat and **remember to eliminate momentum**. Keep the muscle doing the work.

Bent Over Rows

Kindal at the bottom of the bent over row. Her spine is straight and her stance is wide ready to pull the weight up as high as she can.
Kindal at the top of the bent over row. Her spine remains straight and the weight is high as her elbow is past her low back.

Grab a pretty heavy... tough... weight.

While I want you to go fast... I also want you to challenge yourself. There's only 4 reps per side... make this tough!

Step 1

Take a really wide stance as if you were going to do side to side lunges.

Bend one leg so you thigh it about parallel to the floor. The pictures will really help to explain this.

Lean your forearm into the bent thigh. This will help give you leverage during step 2.

Grab the weight on the floor. Try to pre-pull a little so you don't row with disengaged muscles.

Step 2

Press into your tigh with your forearm. This will give you immediate leverage and help you pull harder from your lats on the opposite arm.

Don't use too much (if any) momentum as you pull the weight up as high as you can.

Focus on using your lats as you squeeze your shoulder into the middle of your spine line.

Then just lower the weight with control and rock out those reps!

Keep in mind we're only doing 4 reps... try to make this tough but still move smooth and fast.

Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut. Kindal squating and working out hard to get out of a workout rut.

have your

results stopped?

and now you're...

stuck in a

workout rut?

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Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

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