5 Minute Fit Finisher: Flow And Roll Total Body Workout

Today's workout will light a fire under your butt.

If you don't move fast... it might take longer than 5 minutes (it did for me). And just as easily... if you push it hard you can be done in under 5 minutes (with practice).

I love workouts like this. There's an inherent pressure and I tend to push harder when I'm under pressure.

Let's do this... Flow And Roll

Flow And Roll Fit Finisher Workout

This is an advanced bodyweight workout.

But do not worry. I have modifications for the exercises below. I know these are some advanced exercises that require a good amount of mobility.

Here's the workout:

  • Bullet point

    6 Inchworms with Pushup

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    6 Squat hops

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    6 Donkey kicks

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    6 Candlesticks

  • Bullet point

    6 Squat hops

Are You A Beginner?

If you're a beginner you're goal is 3 rounds for time.

Try to get all 3 rounds done in under 5 minutes (It's really tough). If you need to go longer... go longer... but track where you were when the 5 minute timer went off. This will be what you want to improve on each time you do the workout until you can do it in under 5 minutes.

Are You More Advanced?

If you're more advanced, you're goal is 4 rounds for time. I also want you to do the exercises with no modifications.

Get all 4 rounds done in under 5 minutes. If you can't, track where you were when the 5 minute timer went off.

If you finish in under 5 minutes... quickly track how fast you finished. Try to keep going and see how many rounds you can complete in 5 minutes.

Let's break down these exercises and the modifications.

Flow And Roll Exercise Breakdown

Inchworms With Pushups

Kindal at the beginning of the inchworm bent over and ready to walk out.
Kindal walking out during the inchworm and focused on keeping her legs straight.
Kindal walked out to the top of a pushup plank ready to go down into a pushup.
Kindal at the bottom of the pushup during the inchworm exercise.
Kindal walking back after doing a pushup and focused on keeping her legs straight.

This is such a fun and tough exercise. I love it because part of the exercise is mobility focused while the other part is an all over arm strength exercise.

You'll find yourself adding this to a lot of your workouts.

Step 1

Stand straight up and with a slight bend in your knees.

Bend forward like you're going to touch your toes. Try to keep your spine straight as long as you can.

Step 2

Put your hands on the floor. If you need to bend your knees a little more... go for it.

Start walking your hands out until you're in a plank.

It's important, once you start walking, to straighten and keep your legs as straight as possible. This will put more weight in your arms... the purpose of the exercise.

Step 3

Once you're in a top of pushup plank... do a pushup.

Try your best to make this a seamless transition.

If you need help with pushups... go read my pushup progression blog post.

Step 4

Once you complete your pushup... walk your arms back in. Make sure you keep your legs as straight as you can for as long as you can.

This is where your shoulders will get the work.

Once your hands are back to your feet... slap your shins and walk right back out for the next rep.

Walking in and out will test your shoulder strength a lot!

Plus you get the pushup... which is always good.

And finally... you get the mobility of the forward bend.

Squat Hops

Kindal at the bottom of the bodyweight squat ready to explode up into the hop.
Kindal exploded up to the top of the squat hop but staying with her feet on the ground and only getting on her tippy toes.

This exercise is one of my favorite squat variations because it burns sooo bad... which feels really good some how.

This is a bodyweight only exercise. No weights.

Step 1

Squat down like a normal bodyweight squat.

Step 2

Explode from the bottom of the squat as if you're going to jump... but NO JUMPING!

Rather... explode up and just go to your tippy toes.

Step 3

Fall immediately back down into the next squat. Make sure you have a good footing and balance when you do this.

This is a smooth and flow based squat... up and down in one smooth motion. Until you need to shake out the burn that is!

I created this version of squat jump because I don't think most people should be jumping.

form tip

Jumping is dangerous for most people. I talked about this in the Burpee Box Over Fit Finisher workout .

In short... most people have not jumped or have done any type of explosive athletic movement in a LONG TIME.

So don't jump. It's not worth getting a dumb injury.

That's why I create the squat hop. Getting on your tippy toes is a lot safer. Plus you still get the benefits of a plyometric exercise.

Remember... the key is still balance. When you fall into the next squat... keep your feet fully on the ground. It can be easy to lean a little too far forward. Just think about this as you're doing the exercise.

Donkey Kicks

Kindal loaded up at the bottom of a donkey kick ready to jump up high and press into the ground.
Kindal mid jump to the top of the donkey kick and pressing into the ground really hard with balance.
Kindal at the top of the full donkey kick but you do not have to go this high. This is only the full expression of the donkey kick.
Kindal is coming back down to the ground and focused on keeping her arms tight so she can land softly back on the ground.

This is an advanced exercise.

When I do this in the workout video... I do the full expression of it. You DO NOT need to go as high as I do.

This exercise is a jump. And I just explained above how jumping in dangerous. So only go high if you know how to land soft.

The point of this exercise is build your shoulder strength and stability.

Let's go through this. Make sure you check out the modification below.

Step 1

Put your hands on the ground. Your knees can be bent. You do not need to have straight legs.

Step 2

Jump your legs off the ground and press your hands into the ground HARD.

You want to create a little "float" feeling by having your arms support your weight... if even for only a second.

You'll see me jump my legs all the way up. You only need to jump your feet a couple inches off the ground. You do not need to go high at all.

Step 3

Land your feet softly and immediately go back up into the next rep.

This is a very ploymetric exercise. Again it's advanced. I have an alternate exercise for you below.


Kindal at the top of the candlestick which is just standing tall.
Kindal squatting down and starting to roll her spine so she can fall back and roll smoothly.
Kindal rolling back and using her butt first to start the roll.
Kindal rolling back and keeping her spine slightly rounded so she can smoothly roll back to her shoulders.
Kindal rolled all the way to the top of her shoulders and shoots her legs to the sky straight up. Notice her arms are straight behind her.
Kindal rolled forward and now tucked her heels into her butt as hard as she could so she will be able to get up quickly and with balance.
Kindal coming to her feet and jumping all the way up to finish off the candlestick.

Another advanced bodyweight exercise. It requires a lot of mobility. But again... don't worry... I have an alternate exercise for you below.

If you're going to do this with me... make sure you have a squishy yoga mat to roll on. It's needed.

Step 1

Stand in-front of your yoga mat.

Start to squat down and as you get your butt close to the ground... fall back...

Step 2

Roll back on your spine. So your spine needs to be rounded so you can roll nice and smoothly.

Roll all the way back so you get on your shoulders and shoot your legs up in to the sky. This will help you create the necessary momentum for...

Step 3

Bring you legs down and roll forward.

As you roll onto your butt... you need to bring your heels and try to slap your butt with your heels. This puts you into a tucked position so you can get on your feet and stand up.

Step 4

Once you're on your feet... hop up. If you are an experienced jumper... jump up and as you land... go right back into the next rep.

If you're not an experienced jumper... don't jump. Just stand up and then go right back down into the next rep.

This is a tough exercise and it is advanced.

Flow And Roll Exercise Modifications

Inchworm Modification

For this workout, the only modification would be to cut the pushup. This will help speed up the reps so you can finish the workout in the required time.

Squat Hops Modifications

If you don't want to do any jumping... that's fine. Just do normal bodyweight squats. Try to come up as fast as you can... but no jumping.

Donkey Kicks Do Pike Pushups

Kindal at the top of the pike pushup and notice her hands are a little wider than her feet.
Kindal at the bottom of the pike pushup and notice her legs are straight and she has fully loaded up her upper body.

Don't do donkey kicks. Rather do pike pushups.

You don't have to worry about any jumping. Plus you still get a great arm and shoulder workout.

Step 1

Get into a pushup position and walk your hands in about two feet... maybe three.

Keep your legs straight and let your butt go up into the sky.

Your hands are a little wider than a pushup... maybe just outside your shoulder width.

Step 2

You are going to keep your legs straight and lower your head down so it's moving a little outside your hands line.

If you can get your head to tap the ground... it would make a triangle from one hand to your head to the other hand.

But go down as low as you can. This is a pretty tough exercise too... but doable.

Step 3

Twist your hands into the ground to create some tension and push yourself back up until your arms are straight.

Candlestick Alternate Exercise

Kindal rolling back on her shoulders and shooting her legs up to the sky before she comes back down to the bottom of the toes to sky.

Do one of my favorite core exercises instead... toes to sky.

This is not a total body exercise like candlesticks... it's obviously a core exercise but it will help you learn:

  • Bullet point

    How to roll on your spine...

  • Bullet point

    How to get your legs to go high...

  • Bullet point

    How to get on your shoulders...

Step 1

Start in a hollow hold with your feet about 5 inches off the ground.

Your arms should be on the ground in this exercise... you'll need them.

Step 2

Push into your arms a little and bring your legs up as if you're doing a leg raise.

But as you get your legs vertical... push your legs up into the sky and roll up onto your shoulders.

Step 3

Smoothly roll out of the top position... crunch your abs HARD... and lower your legs to the 5 inche mark before you bring them right back up for the next rep.

Go Give Flow And Roll A Go!

This is an advanced bodyweight workout. It's also hard.

Use the modifications if you need them and let me know how things go.

If this workout was too technical... fear not... every Monday I am releasing a new Fit Finisher workout.

This workout is a leg burner. If you want a workout that is not nearly as technical... go try Squat Endurance . It's fun and hits many of the same muscles.

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