5 Minute Fit Finisher - Sled Faster (Kiss Goodbye)

This is a happy/sad workout 🥲.

At the time of doing this workout and getting it posted...

Dan and I are getting rid of our last fitness studio space.

After a decade of running multiple locations and studios... focused on women's strength training... we're going 100% in with Fit Women's Weekly.

We've rented a much smaller 600 square foot space until we can build our own gym space.

This workout is a little Fit Finisher "good bye" using some of our favorite pieces of equipment from this particular studio.

Let's get into it!

Sled Faster (Kiss Goodbye) Workout Breakdown

This is a simple workout design.

One round through as fast as you can.

Can you complete one round in under 5 minutes?

If you can't... how long does it take you to get the full round done?

Let's find out.

Here are the exercises:

  • Bullet point

    2 sled push and pull

  • Bullet point

    8 double presses

  • Bullet point

    8 snatches per side

  • Bullet point

    20 curved ab wheels

  • Bullet point

    8 pull ups strict

  • Bullet point

    8 racked squats 4 per side

Clearly... if you're going to be doing this workout you'll need access to the following equipment:

  • Bullet point


  • Bullet point


  • Bullet point

    Ab wheel

  • Bullet point

    Pull up bar or rig

Many larger gyms have these.

For this workout... I will not be giving modifications. This is a "special" workout and not my typical Fit Women's Weekly style of training .

I will breakdown the exercises so you if you're able to do them... you'll know how!

Sled Faster Exercise Breakdown

Sled (The Rogue Dog Sled)

Kindal pushing the sled with straight arms driving her legs hard.
Kindal puling the sled using her quads to full contraction and getting that sled moving.

This is Dan's favorite piece of equipment.

Pushing and pulling this sled hits your body... your muscles... and your cardiovascular system different from anything else.

I am a little scared of it.

Trainer Confession:

I tend to avoid the things I'm really bad at. This is NOT GOOD. Fitness and learning are two areas in life where you should focus on what you're bad at.

I'm not perfect and I am constantly working on improving my fitness deficiencies. You should too!

Step 1

For this workout... load the sled with weight that is heavy but not crazy.

For me... I will load it up with two... 45 lb plates. The total sled weight ends up being 196 lbs.

It sounds like a lot... but pushing it is very different from picking it up.

It's heavy... but not as heavy as it sounds.

Step 2

Push the sled. Our studio allows me to push the sled 50 feet or just under.

When you push... lock your arms out and push with your spine close to parallel to the ground.

Drive your legs with large steps and stay on your toes. Try to get into a jog... it's not really a slow push... but it's not a sprint push either.

Step 3

When you pull the sled... you'll have to have some straps to attach to the sled.

Again... I know you probably won't be able to do this. If you can't pull the sled... push it again.

Keep your shoulders packed into their sockets so when you pull it... your shoulders are pulled back.

What makes pulling the sled so good is the fact that you're essentially doing leg extensions... hitting your quads.

The sled is great.

Pay attention to your heart rate. If and when you get to push a sled on turf... you'll notice your heart rate goes crazy... AFTER... you stop pushing.

Listen to your body and practice with the sled.

Double Presses

Kindal in double racked position bracing her body to press the kettlebells overhead.
Kindal fully pressing the kettlebells over her head while maintaining an engaged body for balance and posture.

Grab two dumbbells or kettlebells. I used kettlebells in this workout.

Step 1

Get your weights in rack position. Even though your hands are wrapped around the weights... your palms should be facing each other.

Don't just press the weights overhead.

First move the weight out laterally from your shoulder joint.

As you're moving laterally... start to press the weight over your head. You're creating what is called a "J" curve to get the weight up.

At the top of the press the palms of your hands are facing forward.

Step 2

Bring the weights down with control.

You are trying to go fast for this workout... but this does not mean you should drop the weights or loose control of them as you bring them back down.

Rather... squeeze the handles so your arms and shoulders are engaged.

Get the weights back down in rack and then press them right back to the top.

Eliminate momentum and keep control of the weights as you press up and down.

Kettlebell Snatches


You can do dumbbell snatches for this workout if you want. It does not have to kettlebells.

For the steps below... I'm going to explain the exercise as if it were a kettlebell snatch.

Make sure you read my post detailing the full kettlebell snatch breakdown .

Step 1

Hike the kettlebell back into a strong loaded position.

Remember to focus on your balance. No excessive rocking back on your feet.

Also... remember to swing back the arm that is not holding the kettlebell. You want to mimic the movement with this arm as well.

Step 2

Fire from your hips to get the kettlebell moving fast.

As the kettlebell passes through your legs... keep your elbow close to your body and pull up on the kettlebell to redirect it straight up.

Make sure you're keeping good balance the entire time.

Step 3

As the kettlebell passes - about - chest height... punch around the kettlebell and direct it over your head.

Coming down you have two options.

One: If you're experienced... you can bring the kettlebell straight from the top to the loaded position.

Two: If you're newer to kettlebells... bring the bell down to a racked position. Then shove it off your chest into the loaded position.

Curved Ab Wheels

Kindal in the relaxed ab wheel position pre-bracing her core so she can roll all the way out.
Kindal fully extended out in to the curved ab wheel position. Notice how straight her back is with core pulled in.
Kindal in the relaxed position of the curved ab wheel getting ready to roll out.
From a more straight on angle you can see the ab wheel curve.

Dan calls the ab wheel the 6 pack maker. I'm not so sure... but it's a great core exercise and all around upper body exercise.

Plus you can get an ab wheel on Amazon or Ebay for less than $10.

Step 1

Have a rolled up yoga mat... or something soft to kneel on.

Place your hands on your ab wheel. And for each rep of this exercise work to keep your feet off the ground.

I feel you get a little better core engagement when your feet don't touch the ground.

Step 2

Roll out as far as you can... but as your rolling out... curve your path so you go off to the side.

This will create a side bend in your spine and engage your core in a much different way compared to going straight out.

If you're new to the ab wheel... only roll out about 12 inches.

If you're more experienced... roll out as far as you can. Push yourself.

Step 3

When you roll back in... focus on engaging and pulling hard with your core muscles.

Work hard to not let your low back arch. You want to focus on keeping it flat and this means your core has to be engaged.

Last tip... it also helps to squeeze the handles of the ab wheel.

Pull Ups

Kindal hanging from the bar but you can see her shoulders are engaged and her body is in a hollowed position.
Straight view of Kindal hanging from the bar. You can see her shoulders are pulling her up and they are not just dead hanging.
Kindal pulling up to the bar with her chest just about to the bar and notice she is keeping the hollow position in her body.
Kindal is above the bar during the pull up. It's a little hard to tell but she is higher than it looks as the picture was taken below bar level. Get your chest to the bar.

Obviously these are advanced and most women can't do strict pull ups.

But this does not mean you can't do pull ups. Get a set of [Rogue bands](/rogue-site) and if you have access to a pull up bar... you CAN learn to do these.

Step 1

Hang from the bar.

Your first move is to pull from your shoulder blades by pulling them together. This will raise you up a few inches and help you engage your shoulders.

Now you can lean "ever so slightly" back at an angle and pull up so your chest gets to the bar.

Step 2

When you come down... just like doing double presses... don't just drop to the bottom.

Lower with control. Squeeze the bar and come down so you don't bounce at the bottom.

Maintain control. This is the key to getting stronger with pull ups.

Let me just say no kipping... no to very little momentum!

Banded Pull Ups

Like I mentioned before... if you have a (sturdy) pull up bar... get a set of Rogue bands .

Step 1

Loop the band to the pull up bar.

Step only one foot in the looped band and hang from bar.

Keep your legs locked out so the band can pull you upwards.

You'll immediately feel the band pull your body up.

Step 2

As long as you have the correct resistance from the band... keep in mind you can double up bands...

You will be able to complete a full pull up.

Remember, keep your legs locked so the force from the band can actually help you.

Just like the normal pull ups... as you come back down... don't fall and use the band to sling shot you back up.

Maintain full control over the the entire pull up movement.

The key to getting stronger with banded pull ups is keep rocking out reps until you're not able to get your chin or chest to the bar.

You have to overload the muscle system to force adaptation.

Racked Squats

Kindal in a racked position with an engaged core and body ready to go down into the squat.
Kindal at the bottom of the racked kettlebell squat. She is in great balance and her torso is tall as her hips are just below parallel.

Again, you can go with dumbbells or kettlebells.

I prefer kettlebells. I've always found racking a dumbbell to be... less comfortable.

Step 1

Get your weight and get it in rack position.

Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. If you know your ideal stance distance... get into that stance!

Twist your feet into the ground to active your legs and glutes.

Hold your core in so you're not slumping.

Step 2

Keep twisting your feet into the ground and squat your hips down.

With only 8 reps total... let's try and get below parallel.

At the bottom of the squat... make sure you squeeze the handle of your weight and hold your core in tight.

This will make the transition to coming up from the bottom easier.

Explode out and once you hit the top... get right back down again.

I'll Design You Daily Workouts... Interested?

I got 5 minutes and 2 seconds.

This was a fun workout. I am going to miss the sled.

In our new (temporary) space... we will be bringing the rig. I need that pull up bar.

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But right now... if you're able to... go get Kiss Goodbye DONE!

And let me know if you did this. I want to hear about it .

Follow me on all my social accounts and let's chat. I'm here to help you live a happier... fitter... healthier life!

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