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5 Minute Kettlebell Butt Workout - Shot In The Buttocks

"Oh yes sir. Bit me right in the buttocks." - Forrest Gump

This one of the iconic... "memeable"... scenes from Forrest Gump.

And after this workout... you'll feel like both your butt cheeks got bit. If you've never see Forrest Gump... getting bit in the buttocks means your booty muscles are going to burn.

This is a kettlebell workout, but it's not too technical. I consider this a beginner kettlebell workout.

5 Minute Kettlebell Butt Workout Run Through

You'll need two kettlebells because all of the swings are double. If you wanted to do the workout with only one... that's fine.

Everything else (the lunges) are bodyweight.

Here's how the workout flows:

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    40 lunges with knee drive

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    2 sets of 10 double swings

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    40 lunges with knee drive

  • Bullet point

    2 sets of 10 double swings

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    As many reps as possible - lunge walks

This is a fun workout because you're going to go through it one time... straight down.

When you get to the lunge walks at the end... you're going to keep going and get as many reps as you can in whatever time is left of the 5 minutes.

You will track how many total lunge walks at the end you can get.

How Should You Use This Workout?

This is a heavy lower body Fit Finisher workout. It would be perfect to pair with:

Shot In The Buttocks Workout Exercise Breakdown

Double Kettlebell Swings

Kindal in the loaded position of the double kettlebell swing ready to fire from her hips and shoot the kettlebells out in front of her.
Kindal at the top of the kettlebell swing fully contracted with legs locked out and core tight and her shoulders are packed and pulled back.

I love kettlebell swings and then only get better when you add in two kettlebells.

Using two kettlebells increases the weight... potentially a lot. That is the point of using two. We're trying to push our posterior (backside) chain.

If you only use one kettlebell... go as heavy as you (safely) can.

Step 1

Start in a good start stop position with your hips pushed back so you're loaded.

First... the key for double swings is to take a wider stance. You need to make room for two kettlebells going between your legs.

Second... keep the handles of the kettlebells vertical the entire time. Have your thumbs pointing forward and keep them like this for the full swing.

Step 2

Hike the kettlebells back so you're in a balanced loaded position. This is just like any other kettlebell swing variation.

The only real difference is a wider stance... which may take a few reps to get use to.

Step 3

Keep good balance as you fire from your hips to move your kettlebells out. At the top make sure you lock your legs out and squeeze your butt hard.

Remember, the goal is not to get the kettlebells high. You only want them going as high as your chest.

Get into the flow of using two kettlebells for your sings. I really want you focusing on balance and locking out tight at the top.

form tip

If you're new to double kettlebell swings... don't worry at all about getting the kettlebells high. In fact... keep them low.

Keeping them low will help you focus more on your hips as the power source.

Just make sure you don't lock your shoulders into your body. You still want your shoulder joint rotating.

Lunges With a Knee Drive

Kindal stepping back into a reverse lunge. Notice her front knee is out and past the outside of her foot. Her torso is tall and upright as well.
Kindal driving off her front foot and driving her knee up as high as possible while keeping balance. Her grounded legs is engaged and flexed.

I love this lunge variation so much. It's a variation that will burn your quads and butt so much. It's painful but it feels great at the same time.

Step 1

Stand straight up and take a big step backwards to get into a lunge.

Make sure as you're in the lunge that your front knee is over your forefoot and the knee is being pushed out towards the outside of your foot.

form tip

When you do lunges... unless you're doing walking lunges like at the end of this workout... almost always do reverse lunges.

Reverse lunges are a lot safer for your joints and keep your body in better balance.

For this exercise the reverse lunge is required. Just keep the reverse lunge in mind... it will help you in future workouts.

Step 2

Drive hard from the front leg and push hard from the back leg to come out of the lunge.

As you come out of the lunge... bring the back leg up so your knee gets above your waist. Pause at the top and keep balanced. This will test your muscles a little more and cause that hardcore burn.

Lunge With Knee Drive Modification

If you want to grab a light weight for this workout... go for it.

Rack the kettlebell only on one side... the side doesn't matter. I would favor the side opposite the leg you'll be balancing on.

This will create a little more imbalance and for your body to work harder. Personally, I would use a 26lb kettlebell or a 35lb if I was feeling really good.

Walking Bodyweight Lunges

This is a great lunge walk position. Kindal will continue to lunge walk as smooth as possible while keeping her balance and fighting through the leg and butt burn.

Keep these lunges bodyweight because I want you committed to speed so you can pump up the leg burn.

Plus you'll find your heart rate gets high.

Step 1

Start lunge walking and take forward steps as big as you can.

Just like the reverse lunges... work to keep your front knee pushing out towards the outside of your foot. This is a strong mechanical position.

The only other tip I want you working on is keeping your torso (upper body) tall and not leaning into your front thigh.

Just keep walking and stay as balanced as possible.

It's okay if you lose balance. I do all the time... reset... and get right back into it.

How many lunge walks can you get?

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Kindal squating and working her way through a tough metabolic strength workout

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